XY OU Gen 6 Offense (Scizor Sweep)

I started my team off with this Pokemon in mind, Mega Scizor. I wanted to use him simply because he was one of my favorite Megas and composed of a pretty good offensive core you'll see in a bit.

After I got my Mega Pokemon decided I wanted to form a good core that could help him sweep. Azumarill felt right because no team truly counters her. She is going to wear down the opponent regardless and that is precisely what a SD Mega Scizor needs to come in and setup sweep mid to late game. Then we have Landorus-T who helps give the core a nice all around Pokemon who can setup Rocks for me while supporting Azumarill+Scizor with his immunity to Electric and removing some pretty key threats for Scizor who would otherwise prevent him from sweeping.

With my teams primary core out of the way I needed a Pokemon who could also weaken or remove some threats as a back up in case my Azumarill fell victim to death early on. Black Kyurem is a pretty reliable mixed attacker that requires some pretty spot on predicting skills but if you get a free switch in for him, take it. He can really put a tamper on many teams you just have to get him into battle safely, first. I needed a Pokemon who wasn't all physical and could hit things with his powerful special attacks. My primary core is rather physically-oriented and felt he was a nice separation from that. Dragonite was gonna be the focus here but Black Kyurem covered more Pokemon I needed gone as a bigger priority for my Mega Scizor sweep.

With a sweeper you need a cleric to keep him not only healed but clean of status. I felt no other Pokemon fulfilled this role better than the famous Clefable. She made it onto the team to help keep my core healthy but not only that she also acts as a back up sweeper late game if something goes wrong and my Mega Scizor fell early to death.

To the final Pokemon of my team I give you stallbreaker Mew! Stall teams can be of utter annoyance and I felt Mew became important for me to use. He functions wellw ith Landorus-T as it counters some Pokemon that can easily switch in on my Mew and sweep the rest of the team after a setup (Speaking about you Mega Charizard X!) so Landorus-T helps cure that issue as does Azumarill as a notable switch-in as she can take all of his attacks with ease. Mew also acts as my Defogger as I couldn't fit any other defogger onto my team without being glaringly weak in one category or the next.



Move 1: Swords Dance
Move 2: Roost
Move 3: Bullet Punch
Move 4: Superpower
EVs: 248 HP / 136 Spe / 100 SpD / 24 Atk
Item: Scizorite
Ability: Technician
Nature: Impish

Here is the focus of my team! My primary setup sweeper, my Mega. I opted for Superpower over Knock Off because I already have Pokemon on my team that use the move already so I went ahead with more coverage for the over all team. The additional speed is to out speed Heatran and OHKO Heatran with Superpower. A somewhat issue for my team if I lose to prediction wars. If my EV spread could be adjusted, let me know! The rest fo the set is self-explanatory and pretty much standard. The entire purpose is to bring this guy in on free switch ins and setup with a Swords Dance and sweep with Bullet Punch, roosting when I get weakened. Another notable reason I opted for Superpower was due to steel types. I have two Pokemon who get hit by steels and Ferrothorn can be of utter annoyance if not handled appropriately.


Move 1: Aqua Jet
Move 2: Play Rough
Move 3: Knock Off
Move 4: Waterfall
EVs: 252 Atk / 240 HP / 16 SpD
Item: Assault Vest
Ability: Huge Power
Nature: Adamant

Assault Vest Azumarill is the most standard set to date currently. But I needed more bulk in my team and the ability to survive long enough to wear down the opponent's team to allow Mega Scizor to freely come in and setup sweep the remainder of their team. If that fails I have Clefable for late gamewho helps supports this core very nicely, keeping Will-O-Wisp off my physical hitters and keeping them healthy passing around Wish support. Azumarill can act as a check to Charizard X and Heatran two Pokemon that can tamper with my team and Mega Scizor's sweep. He covers special fire attacks for Scizor and Ice/Water attacks for Landorus-T forming the primary core of the team.


Move 1: Stealth Rock
Move 2: Earthquake
Move 3: Stone Edge
Move 4: U-Turn
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Impish

We finally come down to the final Pokemon of the primary core of the team to help support what the team is trying to do, sweep with my Mega Scizor! Heard that enough yet? ;) Helps check Talonflame, Char X, and other Flying types that can be an annoyance. While also providing an Electric immunity for Azumarill to help check Thundurus who in all honesty should be banned already! Landorus-T sets up Stealth Rock for my team and uses Intimidate to weaken physical threats forcing a lot of switches, perfect for Stealth Rock to build up damage to my opponent's team. Landorus-T can be reduced to death fairly easily so Clefable again acts as my cleric for this core as I find this core rather weak to status inflicting moves. I chose Leftovers over Rocky Helmet to help keep him alive longer. Surviving longer seemed more important to me than using Rocky Helmet to widdle down physical threats that Azumarill already does really well.


Move 1: Ice Beam
Move 2: Fusion Bolt
Move 3: Earth Power
Move 4: Roost
EVs: 252 SpA / 200 Spe / 56 Atk
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Teravolt
Nature: Mild

Black Kyurem, my mixed attacker. After Azumarill falls or fell too early Black Kyurem serves its purpose nicely and that is to weaken the opponents team while giving me some pretty good coverage. I also needed a Pokemon who could hit on the special side of things as my primary core of this team is physical focused and this separates from that pretty nicely. Black Kyurem as I've mentioned before requires free switch ins to come in easily, or he can get wrecked pretty easily. A large portion of the meta can counter him currently that is really the reason I use him as a back up to Azumarill rather than my primary wall breaker. If used correctly he can be pretty dangerous though. Mild nature to help sponge special based attacks better for the team.


Move 1: Calm Mind
Move 2: Moonblast
Move 3: Wish
Move 4: Heal Bell
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
Nature: Bold

I went with this set for Clefable because I consider this to be an offensive team that required a back up sweeper that is pretty unpredictable if you don't setup with Calm Mind early on. I use it as a defensive Pokemon early while passing Wish and Heal Bell around my team to keep everyone alive and fit. A back up sweeper if needed but primarily my answer to setup sweepers trying to setup on me too. Other than that this set is very standard, I could maybe use the advice most on his moveset if it is needed.


Move 1: Defog
Move 2: Soft-Boiled
Move 3: Will-O-Wisp
Move 4: Taunt
EVs: 252 HP / 136 SpD / 120 Spe
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Calm

We finally come to the final member of my team, stall breaker Mew! You were probably wondering where my Defogger was until you seen Mew on my team and opted to use him as my Defogger only because no other Spinner/Defogger suited this team well without giving me a glaring weakness to Pursuit users or Greninja/Bulky water types in general. Stall is an annoyance for me and I'm not the best player when it comes to beating stall so this Pokemon was a god send for me when I found out about it. This Mew utterly shuts down stall and helps Defog Rocks away that can be a problem for Kyurem Black otherwise. I have considered removing Soft-Boiled for Knock Off though as it provides more options against stall but Azumarill has that covered pretty nice already is why I didn't opt to go with that decision. Let me know on that guys?
I'll try the substitute. Thanks! Sounds like a pretty good idea, seeing as how I have my cleric to keep him healthy
I don't feel like heal bell is really needed on this set. Otherwise, clefable.is walled by Heatran and other steels. Maybe replace.it with focus blast.

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