[Gen 7] Eisen's Battle Tree Factory

Pokemon Requested: Landorus-T
Level and Gender of Cutiefly: 12 female in quick ball
IGN: Joshua

Completed Thanks!
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Sent to: Marrilandra, Mac_Korona x2, Naruhodou, watermi, oldman, samjo, phongnn2008, si.tole, C y 1, YCWU2602 x2, Shikdum22, coery, onasty, Fawful1993 and jtf1993

Spine0f_Atlas : Unfortunately, Scizor is currently out of stock, make sure to check before requesting...!


As the poll I added says, the next update will be the last! It will take the number of Pokémon to 100, which is a nice round number to stop at (by this point, not many viable Pokémon aren't featured either...!). The update will include 10 Pokémon as usual, I already picked 5 that I felt should really be added, but the 5 others will be entirely decided by the poll, so vote away!

Also, thanks to everyone who has been leaving kind little notes along with their requests through the months, I appreciate all the positive vibes :D
  • Pokémon requested: Aerodactyl
  • Level and gender of the Cutiefly: Level 10 Male
  • IGN: Gustavo
Got Sniped so uploaded another one.
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Hi Eisen,

Pokemon requested: Virizion
Level and gender of the Cutiefly: 1, male
IGN: Reggie
Message: I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.

Thanks a lot!
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Hello Eisen
Pokemon deposited: cutiefly level 1 female adamant in great ball
Pokemon requested: tyranitar
IGN: GBunglezippy
Message : I want to trade for a treasured Pokemon that has been raised from an egg

Cheers once again I really appreciate all your hard work running this giveaway
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Pokemon requested: Swampert
Level and gender of the Cutiefly: Lvl 9, male (Net Ball)
IGN: SamJo
Message: I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thanks in advance~
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Pokemon requested: Abomasnow
Pokemon deposited: Cutiefly, level 11, female, quick ball
IGN: Rachel

Pokemon requested: Oranguru
Pokemon deposited: Cutiefly, level 11, male, net ball
IGN: Yuechen

Thanks a lot:D
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Pokemon requested: Aerodactyl
Level and gender of the Cutiefly:
Lvl 12, female (Ultra Ball)

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Hi Eisen... This time I'd like 2 pokes, if not too much to ask ^-^'
You are the best, man >:D

Pokémon Requested: Araquanid
Cutiefly Female Lv. 1, UltraBall

Pokémon Requested: Breloom
Cutiefly Male Lv. 12, PokeBall


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GC7 and LerisaBebelabs : Unfortunately, I couldn't find your deposits, they may have gotten sniped? :(


All empty stocks have now been replenished!

In addition, I'm doing a mini-giveaway, where you have to guess the 5 Pokémon I have chosen to add alongside the voted ones in the next update. It's all explained in the first post of the thread, but I'll leave the rules here too for convenience:

Of the 10 Pokémon that will be added in the next update, I have already decided 5 of them from their viability/relevancy in VGC 2018, and the I'm leaving the other 5 to be decided by popular vote. I thought it could be fun to play a small guessing game: which Pokémon are the 5 I've already chosen?

Below are 5 hints that will help you figure them out. Anyone who can guess all 5 of them correctly will win 3 Pokémon of their choice from my collection (listed in my trade thread), including all events, shinies, etc.!

1. A Mega Pokémon;
2. A mono-gender Pokémon;
3. A Pokémon from an evolutionary line which is already featured on this giveaway;
4. A Pokémon which, given its encounter locations in-game, lives in the sea, but is not Water-type;
5. A starter Pokémon.

These hints are pretty vague, but if you take into account what is already being given away and the poll options, you can eliminate a lot of possibilities. Keep in mind my choices were made from viability in VGC 2018, so a look at the Viability Rankings, or the usage stats from vgcstats.com / Showdown can probably help you guess if you're motivated enough for that. Or, you can just make 5 wild guesses, there is nothing to lose after all! :)

Simply post your 5 answers as a reply to this thread, the winners will be announced when the update is made in a few weeks.
Good luck!
Unfortunately I did get sniped.
  • Pokémon requested: Aerodactyl
  • Level and gender of the Cutiefly: Level 10 Male
  • IGN: Gustavo
Deposited lvl 1 timid male cutiefly
Nickname: Dukem Nukem (with a frowny face at the end)
IGN Spyne
Requested Scizor

Thaaaaanks! You're awesome.

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