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Any further posts, insults, memes, spamming, randomly tagging administrators that have nothing to do with the matter, calling out and/or insulting the hosts (in public or privately) again will be penalized. You had your chance to properly appeal the matter and we considered the extension, but the hosts along the circuit hosting team deemed that TeamCharm was the one that showed poor intentions of getting the match done, along with attempting to fish a totally invalid act call, so the activity win to their opponent was granted instead. The activity call will stay. And I repeat, any further attack to the hosting team will not be tolerated.
I’m the one with poor intentions to get the match done for being available to play every day except Sunday…. Right.
LoSconosciuto I think there was a mistake. It looks like arcexofficial never made a winpost or saved replays and our matchup got coinflipped despite us playing and me losing, and I got declared the winner. When we played I lost, and arcex should be playing, not me. If this isn't something that can't be fixed then I'll gladly continue to progress in the tournament, but we did play and he won.
I appreciate the honesty
New pairing:
arcexofficial vs aditya2006
Just going to leave my act call here already since I might forget to in the weekend. Opp hasn't been on Smogon for a week and won both of their previous series by coinflips so I'm not expecting any response to my msg on their wall.
I won 2-1 this week. GG to my opponent, there were lots of predictions on both sides!
-Dragon Dance Salamence swept most of the team and I could clean up with Drampa - I Won with Drampa and Pallosand left
-Opponent had good coverage and great switching - I Lost when he still had 3 mons left
-Tough & exciting game with tons of switching and predictions. We each had mons that could completely wall the other persons, so it became a game filled with double switching and (over)predictions. It followed a typical rock/paper/scissors pattern: My Golem walled his Ho-OH, which walled my Tsareena, which walled his Hariyama, which walled my Golem. - I Won when opponent forfeited in a 4-5 mon disadvantage
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