Gen 7 [Gen 7 Ubers] Ground spam: The lords of the earth

I present my first personal and serious team for gen 7 ubers. Im a big fan from HO playstyles and since i start to learn about the tier i always want to build something that fit with my offensive gameplan, so after a lot of weaks of work i can find this as my first team ever build it!.

Team building process.
Im a big fan from Ultra necrozma and how painful is to deal with him in the game since you dont want to give free turns to set up either SD or use Light That Burns the Sky so i start the team with him with the combination of Arceus-Ground since i think both are one of the best offensive couples in gen 7.

First version:
:excadrill: :Necrozma-Dusk mane: :Groudon: :Arceus-Ground: :Scizor: :Yveltal:

Excadrill is my predilect team leader since can generate momentum with the combination of rock tomb and toxic. But after a couple of games i quickly relase the team needs webs support, since both Ultra necrozma and Arceus-Ground suffer against either Choice Scarf Xerneas or Geomancy sets. Not to mention even with Scizor the team struggles against other bulky teams and the popularity of marshadow was important since none of the members can either switch into or outpseed.

Second version:
:Smeargle: :Groudon: :Necrozma-Dusk mane: :Arceus-Ground: :Lucario: :Yveltal:

Now with webs support it was a lot easier to use the team. But the election of Smeargle just bring a couple of new problems, first of all the match against Arceus-Ground was incredible painfull, since without Stealth Rock on Smeargle we depend on Groudon to keep rocks up and we lost a ton of offensive pressure. Unironically Lugia was a completate nightmare to deal since Multiscale, immunity to webs and acess to fast defog the team really strugless to make progress against him and that bring us to the final version.

Final version: The lords of the earth.

:Shuckle: :Groudon: :Necrozma-Dusk mane: :Arceus-Ground: :Lucario: :Yveltal:

The boys:
Even without Shuckle in to the VR was and amazing tool for the team, since the role compression of bring both Stealth Rock and Sticky Web is invaluable since it frees the Primal Groudon set and with the combination of Encore and Final Gambit can generate momentum for the team. Mental Herb helps against other leads like Deoxys-S and support Yveltal that want to denied webs. Encore helps against set up sweepers that want to abuse from Shuckle passive like Double Dance Groudon, Geomancy Xerneas and Dragon Dance Zygarde. Final Gambit is there to kill Shuckle and bring a teammate safetly in to the field.

Any team that want to be successful need any variant of Primal Groudon. I chose a mixed SD set since a full empowered Eruption can KO many important walls suchs as Arceus-Ground, Yveltal and Lugia after rocks damage. SD is there to take advantage from slow teams and to hit Fire resistances like Ho Oh, Giratina, Zygarde and Primal Kyogre. Evs are to outspeed Marshadow under webs (or after one Rock Tomb) by 1 point, also helps Groudon to check Xerneas if Necrozma has become in to Ultra. Also provides a valuable check for Primal Ogre. Truely the second most important member in the team. Opens oportunitys for all the members as he can take out the most common defoggers in tier outside of Arceus-Water and Giratina.

:sm/Necrozma-Dusk mane:
The one who start all, the premier steel type and sweeper of the USM meta, Ultra necrozma is a sheer force than can quickly end games if the oponent underestimate the potential. The point of using webs other hazzard stack to support him is how common are scarfers and fast threats in the tier, mainly Xerneas who just shutdown Ultra sweeps, M-Gengar just trap you and eliminate Ultra for the rest of the game, M-Mewtwo Y outspeed and KOs with ice beam. With webs up you have a easy time to set up and clean weakened teams. Outrage is pick over Stone Edge and Sunsteel Strike since we need the damage against M-Sableye, Giratina and Darkceus to secure the autonomy of Ultra.

The Ground forme is a formidable breaker in the tier that can take down unprepared teams without effor. SD and the combination of EdgeQuake make him an amazing early-mid game wallbreaker that can clean up the path to the other teammates, not to much to said about him since is a brute force that smash everything not call it Giratina. Earth plate is pick it to have a nice bonus into Earthquake and become Arceus into Ground type. Substitute is chosen over Recover to improve the match against Zygarde, Ferrothorn lacking Bullet Seed and status spreaders. Arceus-Ground offers a necessary Groudon check for the team wich otherwise will 6-0 the team.

There are two important threats for HO teams: Xerneas and E killer, the question was: What in the tier can check this completly different pokemon and take advantage from webs support. Well Lucario is the savior for the team, resistance to Extreme Speed, and can revenge kill a weakened Xerneas with Bullet Punch. Also thanks to SD and webs is a scary win con that can take down important walls such as defensive Yveltal, Defensive Zygarde and Groudon Primal with just one boost. Priority is nice to have since it can safe you from bad situations, also helps against other sucide leads especially Deoxys-S. Adamant is pick to improve the damage output and the ability is to take down advantage from Fake Out ussers like Lopunny and M-Sableye.

Lord of the night, the end of the world and the premier ghost resist in the tier. Yveltal is to good to not take in count when you build a HO team. Thanks to the typing offers a ghost check (Cya Marshadow), a important Ground inmunity and with a LO can check the two defoggers who can win against Groudon: Giratina and Arceus-Water. Heat Wave is pick over Sucker Punch to take down Steel types that can be problematic for Ultra necro locked in to Outrage like: Magearna, Ferrothorn and Scizor-Mega. Taunt+Oblivion Wing help to take down passive teams and can shut down defoggers easily.

Threat list:
Most part of the threats come without webs up, so dedicated anti hazzard leads that can eliminated Shuckle turn 1 can be problematic for the team if rocks arent up (Ho Oh can be a really problem if Shuckle dies before he can set up rocks) and the team have a good match up against a lot of things, you just need to learn this matchs as most part of them can be win. however:
Low level
As the team dont have a spin blocker this match come to a war against Excadrill if you can Encore Stealth Rocks you can easily set up webs. You can also lead with Groundceus, set up substitute and put the enemy team in a akward position.

If Darkrai hits Dark Void thats a problem, otherwise just set up webs and Encore turn 2 to made progress.

Mid level
Ground inmunity, fast defog and intimidate, this mon is a abomination to deal, kill ASAP with either Groudon, Ultra or Arceus Ground, remember webs are the most important thing for the team.

Lead Groundceus have two possible scnearios, you face either defog or set up sets. Defog is probably the best lead, you can set up webs, encore and then you can pick what is your next move. However set up variants that run a Z crystal can be tough to deal since he can ignore Encore and take down anymember in the team not call it Yveltal but he cant KO with any move so is vulnerable to Stone Edge. The match is difficult but once you know the set is easy to play.

High level
Fast flying type with both Foul Play and Defog, what could go wrong? Usually you have to KO this guy ASAP since it can revenge kill and clear hazzards out without effort. Offensive pressure with rocks up is the best way to deal with him, spam SD and force them to use Foul Play, then go to Yveltal every time until he dies from either chip damage or a direct atack. However the match can become incredible tough if he picks to clear webs from the field and he have healthy partners that can deal with the rest of the team. Usually bait with Groudon can be a good way to take down Yveltal in one hit since Euption from full health can take him down.

Final thoughts:
I have a lot of fun during the development from the team it feels good to have my first own team for one of my favorites metas in my favorite tier. The team is incredible solid and still have a downflags like how heavy depends on webs to made progress but i think the team is fine as how it is and change something would be to made an completly different team, thank you so much for read and drop your opinions. Ty for you time.
(I dont know how to mention people but thank to Holymolycrabby and Hirisho7 who help me a lot with early versions of the team and to test it, i really apreciate the help guys ;D)


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