[Gen 8] 0 Speed Flawless Love Ball HA Hatenna [CLOSED]

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Hello everyone! While I'm still trying to find a shiny Hatenna, I've decided to giveaway an entire box of flawless breedjects! Hatenna and its line are my favorite Pokemon of this generation and I've been trying to get it in as many Poke Balls as possible. These are all 0 Speed, as Trick Room is where Hatterene shines best, and I've kept the Egg Moves to make them as rare as possible.

IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/0
Ability: Magic Bounce
Nature: Quiet (+SpA -Spe)
Item: none
- Quash

- After You

- Aromatic Mist

- Nuzzle

Love Ball
OT: Ale
TID: 590478
Switch FC: 2810-0426-7519

Disclaimer: These are SWSH-only, the limit is one per forum user and I will NOT be using HOME to trade. Make sure you PM me on Smogon or contact me on PS! (username: Milak) or Discord (Milak#5132) after you've posted here, so that we can arrange the trade as soon as possible, be aware that I'm GMT +1, this means that I won't always be available, but I'll make sure to reply to any message in order to organize the trades as quickly as possible.
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Hello Milak,

I would fancy getting one as well.

Can we organise that ?

THanks in advance,

Done, THanks a lot mate!
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