Tournament Gen 8 2v2 Doubles Kickoff Tournament [Won by Kaif]

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Hello! This is the first tournament for the 2v2 Doubles Circuit. This tournament is based off Generation 8 2v2 Doubles and should be played on the main server. I hope to see a variety of people from various experiences can enjoy the tier.


  • Typical General Tournament Rules and Guidelines
  • This is a Single Elimination tournament.
  • Games will be Best of 5.
  • This tournament is to be played in the [Gen 8] 2v2 Doubles format that is played as a Challenge-Only format on Pokemon Showdown.
  • All matches need to be played on Pokemon Showdown
  • Posting of replays is not required but encouraged.
  • Post "in" to sign up.

This tournament is classified as a Type A tournament, which gives it 1.0x the regular tournament on the weighting scale.


Signups will close on Sunday, Deccember 29th, at 8 PM, EST.
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