[Gen 8] [Closed for now] Flame Orb Guts Obstagoon, Brave Melmetal

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Welcome! My current giveaways are as follows:

Flame Orb Guts Obstagoon

The Flame Orb has been the hotness ever since people realized Game Freak made it completely unobtainable apart from Ball Guy's merciless random lootbags. As one of the lucky few to possess such a sphere, I figure it would be wise to give back to the community and kick off my endeavors towards shiny breeding for this generation. I hatched this very lad quite a while ago, trained & evolved him, and am now finally in a position to give them away to you, the people.

Bowie (Obstagoon) ♂ Lv. 51 ✨ @ :flame-orb: Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 13 / 31 / 31
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Obstruct
- Knock Off
- Facade
- Close Combat
Ball: Lure Ball
Ribbons: Effort Ribbon
Dynamax level: 10

Brave 0 Spe Melmetal

I got this during the first week of shiny Meltan availability in Pokémon Go early last year. It had heinous IVs, but nothing a little hyper training can't solve. Thanks to Speed not existing in Pokémon Go, you can SR for 0 Speed in the Go Park transfer area. Lo and behold, that's how we've gotten a hold of this guy. Plus, the Celadon City fortune teller guaranteed its Brave nature, so that's one fewer mint spent by me! Oh, and I remembered to install Toxic in LGPE. Don't let it forget that move, since it's past gen exclusive. Anyways, now it's fulfilling its destiny to help fill dex entries worldwide.

Melmetal • Lv. 100 ✨⬜ @ No item
Ability: Iron Fist
IVs: 23* / 9* / 9* / 9 / 9* / 0
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 6 Spd
Brave Nature
- Double Iron Bash
- High Horsepower
- Ice Punch
- Toxic
Ball: Premier Ball
OT: Alz
Ribbons: Effort Ribbon
Dynamax level: 10

* Hyper Trained

Additional Info

The usual disclaimers apply: These are SWSH-only (in case that wasn't evident enough), limit one of each 'mon per in-game and forum user, and these are cloned by myself, so be aware of that. My in-game name is ALZ. You have to DM me on the Smogon discord (Ivy#0001) or PM me on the forum to organize the trade! I'm too lazy to take the initiative and reach out to you guys myself. Thanks!
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I'd like to request a copy this boy. I think it is one of the best shinies for gen8. I'll PM you when I get home. Thanks

Many thanks for the pretty shiny boy!
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In i would like one i'm available to trade any time tonight
Thanks for the obstagoon :D
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I'd like one if possible! I'll PM you when I'm home to see if we can trade (or we'll do it during the weekend)
Hey, cool giveaway! I'd also like to take one of those shiny boys form you :D I'll be available for the next 3-4 hours or on the weekend!
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I love shiny obstagoon. The cyan and raspberry red with the white makes it look amazing. Grats on getting one so good. I would love one of these.

Will PM in a bit.

Thank you very much :)
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May I request a copy of this beauty? Thanks in advance.

My timezone is Gmt-6 and I can be able to trade, night time.

Recieved. Thank you.
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In. I can trade over the next 4 hours (GMT+0) but I'll pm you on here to set something up on here accordingly.

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Well Obstagoon is on my list of things to test, so yeah I wouldn't mind getting one and saving me some breeding time!

(I can trade after a tournament battle in an hour)
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