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[Gen 8] OFFLINE! 5IV Ponyta Dreamball Giveaway

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Hi :),

as a consequence of shiny breeding Ponyta I've got tons of them in my boxes waiting for new owners.

They all have 5IVs, Paste Veil and Jolly nature.
I would gladly accept other breedject Aprimons or Fish-/Drake fossils, but you dont have to since this is a giveaway.

Currently not avaiable. If you really want it PM a time you want to meet to collect your ponyta.
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Max. Optimizer can you please close this giveaway? Giveaway thread should be due if I remember correctly but also not able to answer over the weekend ^^ thanks in advance!

@everyone I will not be avaiable over the weekend. I have this giveaway closed for now. I still got plenty. Just PM me a time you wanna meet up
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