Tournament [Gen 9] Do Not Use Kickoff ($25 prize pool) - won by Ninja!

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Welcome to the first Do Not Use tour we've hosted on Smogon! We've held tournaments before in previous metas but are excited to bring our tier to a new audience. This tour is being hosted by cyclonez_ and R8.

R8 has generously donated $25 to the prize pool! Winner takes all.

:kirlia: Tournament Rules

  • All general tournament rules and guidelines apply.
  • This is a double elimination tournament! All players will play a minimum of two matches. Finals will be a Bo3 where losers bracket has to win two sets.
  • Every round lasts at least 1 week.
  • All matches are bo3 using the challenge command on Pokemon Showdown! or Smogtours, not Dragon Heaven or any other side server.
  • Not using the challenge command or using illegal movesets will forfeit the game.
  • All pokemon have the same movesets as in National Dex formats. The banlist can be found here.
  • Replays of all tour games must be posted.
  • If any tiering action occurs during the middle of a round, changes will take effect the next round.

:litwick: Metagame Overview
  • This tier is a National Dex tier that is comprised of Pokemon at or below 280 BST, with a few extra Pokemon above that limit (specifically, Luvdisc and Unown), with a few bans below the limit.
    • Unbans: Luvdisc, Unown
    • Bans: Dewpider, Flittle, Smeargle, Nidoran-M, Wishiwashi, Wingull, Zigzagoon; Arena Trap, Shadow Tag, Huge Power, Pure Power, Moody
  • Terastallization is banned, as are Z-Moves.

:bramblin: Resources

/challenge gen9nationaldexubers @@@ -all pokemon, +Applin, +Arrokuda, +Azurill, +Bidoof, +Blipbug, +Bounsweet, +Bramblin, +Budew, +Bunnelby, +Burmy, +Cascoon, +Caterpie, +Charcadet, +Cherubi, +Cleffa, +Combee, +Cosmog, +Cottonee, +Diglett, +Diglett-Alola, +Dreepy, +Feebas, +Fletchling, +Fomantis, +Gossifleur, +Happiny, +Hatenna, +Hoothoot, +Hoppip, +Igglybuff, +Impidimp, +Jigglypuff, +Kakuna, +Kirlia, +Kricketot, +Lechonk, +Ledyba, +Lillipup, +Litwick, +Lotad, +Magikarp, +Makuhita, +Mareep, +Marill, +Meditite, +Metapod, +Milcery, +Nacli, +Nickit, +Nidoran-F, +Nincada, +Noibat, +Nymble, +Patrat, +Pawmi, +Petilil, +Pichu, +Pidgey, +Pidove, +Pikipek, +Poochyena, +Ralts, +Rattata, +Rattata-Alola, +Rellor, +Rockruff, +Roggenrola, +Rolycoly, +Rookidee, +Scatterbug, +Seedot, +Sentret, +Shedinja, +Shinx, +Silcoon, +Skitty, +Skwovet, +Slakoth, +Slugma, +Smoliv, +Snom, +Spearow, +Spewpa, +Spinarak, +Starly, +Sunkern, +Surskit, +Swinub, +Tadbulb, +Taillow, +Tarountula, +Togepi, +Toxel, +Tynamo, +Tyrogue, +Venipede, +Wattrel, +Weedle, +Whismur, +Wiglett, +Wimpod, +Wooloo, +Wooper, +Wooper-Paldea, +Wurmple, +Wynaut, +Yamper, +Yungoos, +Zigzagoon-Galar, +Zubat, +Luvdisc, +Unown, -Shadow Tag, -Arena Trap, -Moody, -Huge Power, -Pure Power, Terastal Clause, +Assist, Z-Move Clause

:venipede: Sample Teams :arrokuda:
:diglett-alola: Viability List :nacli:
In addition, we recommend joining the Discord to discuss the metagame and get practice games.
:gossifleur: Discord Link :hatenna:

Post "in" to sign up and let a host know if you have questions! You can find us on Discord at jumpheart and .r.8.! Signups will be open until Tuesday, January 23rd at 11:59 PM (GMT -6).
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