Gen IV Little Cup Analyses Index

Gen IV Little Cup Analyses Index [DONE]
Maintained by Aerrow.
(Old Index Thread)

As you’ve probably guessed, this thread is here to help keep the Gen IV LC Forum organized. It’s this thread where you’ll be asked to post reservations, and updates on reserved analyses. This thread will hopefully make it a lot easier for you and the community to find unreserved analyses as well as the current status and progress of reserved analyses. To keep this index up to date, I’m going to need your co-operation, so please post here if you happen to reserve a Pokemon, if your analysis gets a QC or GP stamp, and the like (read the remainder of this post for more details).

Required Reading before Reserving an Analysis

Useful Links

Analyses will be categorized as shown below (by the status of the content in the analysis):

[Skeleton….] – Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis is in the skeleton format.

[Written……] – Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis has been written up (in a detailed and organized fashion)

[Placeholder] – Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis has just been reserved and has no work done on it; the thread for your analysis will be marked by “(placeholder)”. Note that once reserving an analysis, you must post a placeholder thread.

[Unreserved] – This analysis has not been reserved, so you're free to reserve it.

[Completed..] –After your analysis has received the required amount of QC approvals and GP stamps, post here, and I'll change the tag of your analysis to "Completed" which signifies it is done and ready for upload.

Lastly, some guidelines for this thread:

  • When posting a reservation here, include the link to the corresponding placeholder thread in your post
  • If an analysis has been "deserted" and you want to take over for the current author, talk to the current author about it; please don't post here asking for such reservations
  • If you reserve an analysis, you are expected to see it through till upload; if you're not going to give in the time and effort needed for an analysis do not reserve it in the first place
  • If you do decide to remove your reservation on an analysis (without sufficient reasoning), note that if you want to reserve another analysis and you have competition for it, you won't be getting top priority

The Index:


[Completed..] Abra - Sledge
[Completed..] Aipom - Dubulous
[Completed..] Anorith - bugmaniacbob
[Completed..] Aron - franky
[Completed..] Azurill - iss


[Completed..] Bagon – macle
[Completed..] Baltoy - comatthew6
[Completed..] Barboach - Sledge
[Completed..] Beldum - SOMALIA
[Completed..] Bellsprout - comatthew6
[Completed..] Bidoof - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Bonsly – iss
[Completed..] Bronzor - kd24
[Completed..] Budew - sensible
[Completed..] Buizel - comatthew6
[Completed..] Bulbasaur - Sledge/Aeron Ee1
[Completed..] Buneary – Blackhawk/macle/Aerrow
[Completed..] Burmy - -Charmander-


[Completed..] Cacnea - Fuzznip / Bloo
[Completed..] Carvanha - comatthew6
[Completed..] Charmander - Aerrow
[Completed..] Cherubi –
[Completed..] Chikorita - SOMALIA
[Completed..] Chimchar - GoldenKnight
[Completed..] Chinchou - macle
[Completed..] Chingling – Alchemator
[Completed..] Clamperl - iss
[Completed..] Cleffa - badalcristiano
[Completed..] Corphish - metsrule158
[Completed..] Cranidos - Dracoyoshi8
[Completed..] Croagunk - Heysup
[Completed..] Cubone - comatthew6
[Completed..] Cyndaquil - Aerrow


[Completed..] Diglett - Fuzznip (partially by Erodent)
[Completed..] Doduo - bugmaniacbob
[Completed..] Dratini - Heysup
[Completed..] Drifloon - iss
[Completed..] Drowzee - metsrule158
[Completed..] Duskull - Towelie


[Completed..] Eevee - Goldenknight
[Completed..] Ekans - Dracoyoshi8
[Completed..] Electrike - Sledge
[Completed..] Elekid - Vader
[Completed..] Exeggcute - comatthew6


[Completed..] Finneon - Alan


[Completed..] Gastly - Askaninjask/ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Geodude - franky
[Completed..] Gible - franky
[Completed..] Glameow - Black Buddha
[Completed..] Gligar - Heysup (originally by matty)
[Completed..] Goldeen - iss / ARandomBoy
[Completed..] Grimer - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Growlithe - Towelie
[Completed..] Gulpin - iss


[Completed..] Happiny - badalcristiano
[Completed..] Hippopotas - Fuzznip
[Completed..] Hoothoot - metsrule158 / ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Hoppip - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Horsea - Macle
[Completed..] Houndour - HeYsUp





[Completed..] Kabuto - bugmaniacbob
[Completed..] Koffing - Sledge
[Completed..] Krabby - Dubulous
[Completed..] Kricketot - Mooo


[Completed..] Larvitar - Black Buddha
[Completed..] Ledyba - Dracoyoshi8
[Completed..] Lickitung - Lord Liam
[Completed..] Lileep – matty/Oglemi
[Completed..] Lotad – macle/Aerrow


[Completed..] Machop - Heysup
[Completed..] Magby - Heysup*
[Completed..] Magnemite - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Makuhita – dragonboy52 - skeleton needs to go up
[Completed..] Mankey - GoldenKnight
[Completed..] Mantyke - Goldenknight
[Completed..] Mareep - Dracoyoshi8
[Completed..] Meowth - franky
[Completed..] Mime Jr.- ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Mudkip - TheFemaleTyrougue
[Completed..] Munchlax - Sledge


[Completed..] Natu - macle/Aerrow
[Completed..] Nidoran M - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Nincada - comatthew6
[Completed..] Nosepass – ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Numel - ShinyAzelf


[Completed..] Oddish - Sledge
[Completed..] Omanyte - macle
[Completed..] Onix - Goldenknight


[Completed..] Paras - Heysup
[Completed..] Phanpy - metsrule158
[Completed..] Pichu - UltimateKirbyFan/ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Pineco - comatthew6
[Completed..] Piplup - Universal Berry
[Completed..] Poliwag – comatthew6
[Completed..] Ponyta - Fuzznip / Bloo
[Completed..] Poochyena - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Porygon – Vader
[Completed..] Psyduck - Dubulous



[Completed..] Ralts – iss
[Completed..] Rattata - ILoveLiza
[Completed..] Remoraid - franky
[Completed..] Rhyhorn - Deck Knight
[Completed..] Riolu - Mooo


[Completed..] Sandshrew - Aerrow
[Completed..] Seedot - comatthew6
[Completed..] Seel - macle
[Completed..] Sentret - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Shellder - Flora/comatthew6
[Completed..] Shellos - metsrule158/Mooo
[Completed..] Shieldon - Aerrow
[Completed..] Shinx - comatthew6
[Completed..] Shroomish - Goldenknight / calze6
[Completed..] Shuppet - Frizy
[Completed..] Skitty - Sledge/Aeron Ee1
[Completed..] Skorupi - Aerrow
[Completed..] Slakoth - iss
[Completed..] Slowpoke - GoldenKnight
[Completed..] Slugma - Dracoyoshi8
[Completed..] Smoochum – iss
[Completed..] Snorunt - Zari/badalcristiano
[Completed..] Snover - Goldenknight / Franky
[Completed..] Snubbull - Komodo
[Completed..] Spearow - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Spheal - comatthew6
[Completed..] Spinarak - ILoveLizza
[Completed..] Spoink – ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Squirtle - Deck Knight
[Completed..] Starly - Aerrow
[Completed..] Staryu - Fuzznip
[Completed..] Stunky – Heysup/Aerrow
[Completed..] Sunkern - Fatecrashers
[Completed..] Surskit - comattew6
[Completed..] Swablu - Dracoyoshi8/Aerrow
[Completed..] Swinub - metsrule158


[Completed..] Taillow - Fuzznip
[Completed..] Teddiursa - Aeron Ee1
[Completed..] Tentacool - comatthew6
[Completed..] Togepi - iss
[Completed..] Torchic – ShinyAzelf/Siegrin
[Completed..] Totodile - Dracoyoshi8
[Completed..] Trapinch - Banryu
[Completed..] Treecko - bugmaniacbob
[Completed..] Turtwig - Goldenknight
[Completed..] Tyrogue - comatthew6



[Completed..] Venonat – franky
[Completed..] Voltorb - eric the espeon/ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Vulpix - ShinyAzelf


[Completed..] Wailmer - macle; KD24
[Completed..] Weedle - ShinyAzelf
[Completed..] Whismur - comatthew6
[Completed..] Wingull - badalcristiano
[Completed..] Wooper - badalcristiano
[Completed..] Wynaut - Heysup



Zigzagoon - Rolfkip
[Completed..] Zubat – ShinyAzelf/ILoveLiza
I've completed updating the index with the new format. Please let me know if you see any errors concerning the analysis index. Also to all Gen IV LC writers: please read the information in the OP of this thread, as doing so will assure that the index is accurately updated and maintained. Thank you.
Hey, just liked to say that Bidoof is not "[Unreserved] Bidoof" and that I have already posted it, and its gone through QC and GP already.

Its on-site here:

EDIT: "[Unreserved] Bellsprout" is on-site too. I can't remember who wrote it, but I think it was comatthew6. Better check with him to make sure it was him, so you can edit his name in.


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edit: Teddi was taken so I'll just make this a productive post and add in people who have analyzes that isn't mentioned in the index. Thanks Aeron for the heads up!

Corphish - metsrule158 (GP)
Teddiursa - Psykout22 (QC)
Seel - macle (uploaded)

edit: Okay, I got Shellder.
Posting to say that Makuhita, Wooper, and Torchic will be worked on by both me and Belphagor.

Also, Nosepass and Numel have both been uploaded.

Confirming, glad to be back in the business. Hopefully, this time, I'll be contributing to Updated analysis and not L/O, SA's been teasing me about that lately, so shoot him down for me please!

EDIT: Will need UKF to post here for Spoink, so I'll start with Makuhita.

EDIT: With bottom post, I'll proceed with both analysis + Wooper with SA.
Updated. Also, I'd appreciate it if you guys posted placeholders for your reservations, and provided links to the threads here.
Okay sure. I'll do that soon. Thanks.

Also, I spoke to Towelie, and he told me Exeggcute and Snubull isn't being worked on, so those claims can be removed.

Update with my reservations:

Gastly still is in Copyediting.

Torchic is Done, and is ready for upload.

Belphagor (now called Siegrin) will post Wooper in the next two days or so. (EDIT: He's posted it here:

Finally, eric the espeon has given me permission to take over Voltorb, so I'll update it, and post it.

EDIT: I've posted Voltorb. Its here.


is on-site here:
Shellos has been posted by metsrule158 here:
Treecko is on-site here:
Whismur is on-site here:

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