Gen IV UU Important Reminder! (SHORT BUT IMPORTANT READ)

I posted this in the LC forum and it helped a little bit and I'm noticing the exact same problem in this forum, particularly numbers 2 and 3.
Heysup said:

I just wanted to remind everyone a few things that are for whatever reason not being done and are significantly slowing down the process and wasting our precious time.

1. REMEMBER to WRITE the analysis after it passes QC. Turning a skeleton into an analysis takes little time and all you need to do is make sure you include everything that was in your skeleton.

2. REMEMBER to CHANGE your (PREFIX TAGS). I've seen so many QC 2/2 approved sets that are written still with the (Quality Control) prefix. Make sure you change it to (Copyediting).

3. REMEMBER to get your QC'd and WRITTEN analysis into the GP QUEUE. You can do this by posting in this thread.

Now finish this Gen so we can move on.

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