[GEN8] Swordward presents: A Luxury Zamazenta ! (Online)

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As Christmas Coming I thought giving away a great mons from gen 8 would be a great idea. Thanks to Christian who cloned this mons for me i'm able to host this giveaway so shout outs to him!

Limited clones, limited giveaway. I've got 28 copies of this 100 lvl zamazenta. So first comes, first serves!

IT has been caught myself after 2 attemps.

Here's the details:


Impish Nature | Dauntless Shield
OT: OvctoPlasma ID: 583 705
Ivs: 31.X.31.X.X.31
Moves: Close Combat | Iron Head | Slash | Crunch
Evs: None

16 copies left, giveway closed!


Strike your post when received
You will need to pm me when you want the Zama and i will make a code so no one will interfere during our trade
Tell me wich pokemon in regional dex is your favorite and send me this one so I'll know it's you (make sure you have a spare one you don't mind get rid off!)
Say thank you to Christian!

Have fun! o/
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I'll definitely take one! I'm available now and pretty much anytime, today. I'll PM you a link code.
I'll say my favorite pokemon from regional dex is Impidimp (it's not, really, but I don't have any spare Reuniclus - my actual favorite).
Thank you very much, Christian !!!

My IGN is Alex.
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Hi Gaudi,

Can i get a copy of the awesome zamazenta? I'll pm ya the details.

Edit: My favorite mon from the regional dex is centiskorch, and I have a spare one that i caught from a raid battle
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I would love to get a copy of Zamazenta. Favorite regional Pokemon is Corsola. Hated the Water/Rock combo with poor stats, now it's kinda a unique Pokemon to play with. Thanks Christian !
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Hello Gaudi! I'd like a Zamazenta Please!

My favourite Pokemon from the Dex is Yamper! Such a cute doggo! :D

Ill pm you!

Thank you very much!
And thank you as well Christian
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Wow I was just thinking about how I needed a Zamazenta. I would say one of my favorite Pokémon from the regional dex is probably Duraludon.

Thank you so much!
And thanks to Christian too!
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Hi! I want to complete the Pokédex and i need this doggie!

My favorite Pokémon from this gen is falinks

Thanks in advance! And Thanks Christian.
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Hey, great Christmas giveaeay! My favorite is charizard, but I have charmander breedjects only, hope is fine. My Ign is Ryuu Davin
Thank you Christian!

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Hey, Merry Christmas to both you and Christian!

My favorite pokemon in the regional pokedex is the hat, hatterene.
Ign: Checkn8, I'll pm you
Merry Christmas to you and Christian!

My favorite pokemon in the regional pokedex is Galarian Weezing.
IGN: Erunite, I'll pm you.

Many thanks to FrenchGaudi and Christian!
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Merry Christmas to y'all!
My favorite pokemon so far in the regional pokedex is the Impidimp line so I'll send you an Impidimp!

I'll PM you and we can set up a time for it!

Thank you so much!
I'd love one.

Thanks to you both for this amazing Christmas giveaway.
My fave pokemon in the regional dex is cramorant.

IGN: Phil

I'll PM to arrange a time
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Hey, merry christmas. My favorite pokemon in the regional pokedex is Darumaka-Galar. I'll PM you. Thanks to you and Christian.
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You’re welcome guys, have fun with the Zamazenta! The original catcher of the Pokémon and creator of this GA was FrenchGaudi though so props to him first ;)
Merry Christmas and thank you and Christian for doing this giveaway! If there are any more, I’d definitely appreciate one!

My favorite regional Pokémon is Skwovet and my IGN is Nick. I’ll shoot you a PM!
My favorite regional Dex pokemon is probably Aegislash, I'll PM you now but I'm probably going to sleep soon if I don't hear anything.
Thanks Christian for cloning the Zamazentas, and thank you Mr Gaudi for the giveaway!
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Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I sent you a PM
Thank you even tho I forgot to tell you my favorite pokemon (arrokuda).
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Hi, thanks for this giveaway, and thanks Christian.
My IGN is Stephen.
I'll PM you now.
My favorite pokemon is Charizard, but I'm going to send you a Larvitar (I hope this doesn't break the rules).
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