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Since most people prefer music with lyrics, allow me to direct you to Gotye.
He has plenty of great songs, like I Feel Better, State of the Art, and Smoke and MIrrors. Criminally underrated.
Speaking of Kendrick, the Grammy award-winning GOAT rapper dropped a new track. I have to say, it's different from a lot of his other work. I wonder if it's because Ryan Lewis wasn't involved with this one?


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Brand new Korean Riot Grrl/Punk Rock band with a loooot of crunchy noise feedback who put out their debut EP last week (I've described them as "Death From Above for the gays"). I don't know if I love their debut, but I do like it and have a weird feeling they're going to get very popular, rooting for them :blobthumbsup:

(Also to sell any Korean music nerds on this band, apparently Meaningful Stone was briefly involved with this band???)

In honor of the recently deceased Steve Albini, here's a Black Flag song that I enjoy. You may know it for being sampled on "Klink" by Death Grips.

EDIT: It seems that I have confused Big Black, Steve Albini's band, with the unrelated Black Flag. I will leave this post up as a monument to my failure.
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Here is an update on what I have been listening to:

I recently got into System Of A Down because I have been doing karaoke and enjoy singing B.Y.O.B. I was told I am pretty good at it, even though a good chunk of the song is screaming.
I also love listening to Nirvana Heart Shaped Box.
I hope to periodically share what I have been listening to document how I constantly change the type of music I listen to depending on what sounds good to me.

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Joanna Wang came back from a hiatus and put out what's probably going to be my Album of the Year, and it also has the coolest album art I've ever seen lol. Go check it out!!!!!! (especially if you're a fan of wacky pop like Lemon Demon, There Might Be Giants, and honestly even Kero Kero Bonito)

For anyone unfamiliar with Joanna Wang (especially video game music fans) I also would HIGHLY recommend her album Galaxy Crisis, it's basically "What if Ashley from WarioWare made an album." Hotel La Rut is still very wacky but it's less vgm-inspired and more theatrical.
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Are my Ethel Cain girlies here in the room with me? I absolutely have been adoring her music a lot more recently as I love the story telling. Though some songs she has are a bit on the more graphic side. Gibson Girl and Strangers are my top two favorite ones at the current moment.

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Hind’s Hall - Macklemore

Music Video [HIGHLY recommend]

Song only (Not Age Restricted - Watchable without age confirmed account)

In my view unquestionably the most powerful sound from ALL of modern music, certainly the greatest art I’ve experienced in 2024.

No need for explanation, nor metaphor— this man did not stutter. An incredible cry for liberty in the face of a dark hour for humanity.

And all proceeds going to UNRWA (United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine) - the only org with significant infrastructure in Gaza for relief, though UNRWA has been badly affected by defunding from the U.S.

Absolutely brilliant Macklemore - free Palestine.

Hind Rajab was a 6-year-old girl from Gaza. In January 2024, she and her family were shelled by the Israeli army while in their car. Hind and her 15-year-old cousin, Layan Hamadeh, were the only survivors, trapped within the car. They called the Palestinian Red Cross Society, with Layan saying, 'They are shooting at us. The tank is right next to me. We're in the car, and the tank is right next to us.' The PCRS sent a team to rescue them.

However, after 12 days, on February 10th, when the Israeli army withdrew from the area, Hind Rajab and her six relatives were found dead in the car, along with the two paramedics sent to rescue them, who were also found dead nearby.

In the protests at Columbia, students deployed a historic tactic from critical protests of the past— occupying Hamilton Hall, which they renamed Hind’s Hall.
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im open to everything music wise but recently i noticed - even if i enjoy all sometimes "Home is best" and (i know seems an easy thought but i use listening to new things at work as a distraction from the human reality none of wanna be there lmfao. that said you end up away from your norm for some time often) I went back to some of the rock/metal/even folk my parents liked and growing up and it felt like a warm blanket.
knowing every lyric to a song you love but cant remember last time you listened to is a beautiful thing.
i grew up on that and stuff like insane clown posse and the juggalo realm (which i never left) lol; was nice going back.


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This is probably the best song of the album and there's no Drake on it


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Never been really into King gizzard except for nonagon infinity and i'm in your mind but listened to petrodragonic recently cause someone recommended it to me and this album is so fucking good, they should def dive deeper into their thrash sound bc this sounds rly rly solid

Fav tracks
Motor spirit
my music tastes bounces round alot --- my mom was an artist so i'll legit listen to everything cus I grew up on everything from metal/rock to rap to folk, jazz, yada ya [to even me finding myself the Juggalo realm], to etc etc.

Recently I been locked in on Persona soundtracks lmaooooo. idk why but at work it gives me the energy/vibe for the day :blobshrug:

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I went to one of the Death Cab / Postal Service concerts back in September, where they played the through the entirety of their 2003 albums Transatlanticism and Give Up, and I absolutely loved it. While I do like Transatlanticism, I mainly went for Give Up; it's one of my Top 5 fav albums ever and I know full well that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see it live. While that was the highlight, I was really surprised by how much I loved Transatlanticism in a live setting, the album sounds less subdued and sooo much more...electrifying. The title track is what really stuck with me and has been in my rotation a lot this past month. The concert videos and the studio album version don't really do justice to the experience of seeing it live myself with my own ears and eyes, experiencing the song build up louder and louder, but they're still great and as close as I'll ever get to reliving that night.
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This track has the soul of a 2000s midwest emo ballad with abstract hopelessly romantic lyrics and dark ethereal vibes; I've had it on repeat for hours while working. The rest of the album is an emotionally intense blend of metalcore and post-hardcore with emo-pop vibes.

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