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Hey guys welcome to a trade hub for trading with me!

First off:

2209 1370 2565

IGN: EternalyLost

Now I know yall dont want me to list every pokemon i have so ill list some and you can decide if you wanna trade to them if not you can request another pokemon and ill see if i have it. Ones I wont trade are listed with (NFT).

Notable event pokemon:

Level 10 Jirachi(NFT)
Holding: Odd Keystone

Level 5 Mew and Level 32 Mew(also originally level 5)
(The Level 32 Mew I am willing to trade but NOT the level 5 one

Level 20 and Level 15 Genesect(Both NFT)
L15: Relic Gold
L20: Burn Drive

ALL Level 1 legendary events(NFT)

Level 30 Johto dogs(NFT)

Level 10 Celebi(NFT)

Level 15 Victini(NFT)

Shinies I have a bond toward:



If you want something besides the Mew you can post in the comments the mon you want and what you gonna trade me for it if i like your offer ill accept your offer if i dont your offer will be rejected. NOTE TO PLEASE OFFER SHINIES ONLY!

Thanks and have a nice day!

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As per our rules,

Trade Thread Rules
  • List the nature, EVs, and especially IVs of your Pokémon. Traders here at Smogon are only interested in Pokémon with competitive value. We want to know your Pokémon's IVs. Please state these IVs explicitly a good format for them would be HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPEED such as 31/31/31/31/31/30, especially if your Pokémon has a specific Hidden Power type it was bred/caught for. DO NOT generalize by posting "5 IV, 4 IV, etc". Use an IV calculator such as this oneémon/Calculators/IV.aspx to help you if you're unsure. Spitbacks / breedjects / Pokémon with decent IVs that aren't a final product are exempt from this rule. You're free to use terminology like x3 IV or x/x/31/x/31/31 if you're trading spitbacks.
  • If you are trading Pokémon that you did not breed or catch yourself, you must include the name of the original user or OT/ID of that user in the trade details. If you have limited distribution rights, then you must link to the original post or thread which confirms this. For Pokémon that have come from another site, the Pokémon's OT/ID must be posted in the trade details. For Pokémon you did catch/breed yourself, it's fine to just add your OT/ID at the top of the thread and say that any Pokémon without a listed OT/ID were obtained by you and have the OT/ID at the top of the thread.
  • Note the use of any third party devices/software (PokeSav, CFW, etc) and emulators and how they're being used in your thread.
  • Do not post a link to another site or a spreadsheet as your trade thread. You must list all the information on the forum.

I'll give you 48 hours to flesh out your thread according to our rules, or else I'll have to lock it.

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You can use IV calculators like this one for example:

I'm afraid that I'll have to lock the thread regardless.
You don't seem to be familiar enough yet with how these things work and I don't feel like you're ready yet to trade here according to our rules.
Feel free to re-read the rules as many times as you need and ask if some things are not clear.

Good luck!

sf edit: you can ask for clarifications on IVs etc if need be here:
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