Multifaction/FFA Genius Game - Grand Final - Main Match 3 (Draft Mafia)


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Reboot time ayy
1. I'm actually somewhat more free now that my busy season at work is done. Apologies to all for how crazy busy I have been over the past few months and for abandoning this.
2. I'm assuming that a significant portion of the players don't really want to play anymore.
3. I suspect a few players may still be interested in playing games going forward, but I could be wrong.

In all honesty I'm leaning towards declaring the Circus Games defunct. I only ever viewed it as a bridge to get to games I was more interested in hosting / that I felt other would be more interested in playing, and I don't really see the need to finish it even if players want to finish the Genius Game in general. This is especially true because I think the complexity created a cycle of people not sending in orders and me not wanting to update without orders, plus making it harder for me to update.

In the next 24 hours, I would like all players to send me the following:
1. Whether they would still like to keep playing
2. Whether they would like to finish the Circus Games or continue on to a new game (will require a supermajority of players saying yes for me to adopt this)
3. Whether they think new players should be allowed to join if they wish, up to the current number of players (8), to replace any players that opt not to continue.
4. Whether you would be able to, generally, play from 2 - 4 PM on Sundays over the next few weeks in a series of live matches (the deathmatches would then be played over the intervening week). I would like to, if we continue, make this more of a live event thing because I think that is more exciting and, frankly, more in keeping with the original genius game, where time is a big factor in decision making and finding the perfect strategy is not always possible due to time constraints.

If you do not send me a response within 24 hours I am assuming you want to drop out of the game. If you're a new player interested in joining in the event that players drop out and the remaining players would like to allow new players to fill their spots, you are welcome to message me as well.

Message me by 2:30 tomorrow PST please.

I wholeheartedly understand if few or even any players wish to continue. I won't take any offense if you do not, just try and be honest. I do promise that the upcoming games will be easier to follow and, frankly, less shitty than the one that basically killed this.

Da Letter El zorbees Blazade idiotfrommars LightWolf ItzViper482 apricity VigilanteVigoroth


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Ok so the new playerlist will be as follows:
1. Da Letter El
2. zorbees
3. Blazade
4. apricity
5. CaffeineBoost
6. LightWolf
7. ItzViper482

I'll give everyone the same number of garnets as they had at the end of the prior task, with CaffeineBoost getting the average of the two players he is 'replacing': VigilanteVigoroth and idiotfrommars.

I'm going to tentatively schedule the next main match for next Sunday, July the 1st, from 2 - 5 PM PST. Please message here if you cannot make this time. I will post the match details sometime between now and this Wednesday.
I can make that time. I'm probably not fixing my sleeping pattern any time soon but please try not to make the time of day much later. I can do this on any day, it's just the hours I'm concerned about.
I assume that I will start with 13 garnets. Vig had 14 and ifm had 12 if he replaced Asek.

Good luck to you all.



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I can't make that time, i have company and they leave next Monday
I would prefer if players could make it so I'll ask everyone here to say whether they could make 2-5 PM PST next Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't guarantee I can make it yet but if all the players can make an alternative time that I can also make we don't have to stick to the Sunday time.

I will say that the next task will be such that, while you would certainly do better by being there in person, it is not inconceivable you could avoid losing by simply sending in orders before it starts. This'll make more sense once I post it.

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