Multifaction/FFA Genius Game - Grand Final - Main Match 3 (Draft Mafia)

claiming a win over vigvig

goodbye forever (back on the 26th, will be able to start playing on 27th i have no commitments)
[10:07 AM] apricity: ok vig you ready?

[10:07 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: i think so

[10:07 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: gl

[10:07 AM] apricity: gl first round sent

[10:07 AM] Drookez: so i say like hal: _ and vigvig: __

[10:07 AM] apricity: yeah

[10:08 AM] Drookez: Round 1 - Hal: Add 3, Vigvig: Wish for 99

[10:08 AM] apricity: hal: 3, vigvig: 0

[10:09 AM] Drookez: Round 2 - Hal: Add 4, Vigvig: Add 5

[10:09 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: f

[10:09 AM] apricity: hal: 7, vigvig: 0

[10:11 AM] Drookez: Round 3 - Hal: Add 1, Vigvig: Add 85

[10:11 AM] apricity: hal: 8, vigvig: 0

[10:12 AM] Drookez: Round 4 - Hal: Add 5, Vigvig: Add 8

[10:12 AM] apricity: hal: 13, vigvig: 0

[10:13 AM] Drookez: Round 5 - Hal: Add 2, VigVig: Reduce score needed by 100

[10:13 AM] apricity: hal: 15, vigvig: 0, score cap at 100

[10:14 AM] apricity: the score reduction

[10:14 AM] apricity: occurs before the wish

[10:14 AM] apricity: right?

[10:14 AM] apricity: yeah i think so otherwise there would be no way you'd go over lmao

[10:14 AM] apricity: @VigilanteVigoroth

[10:14 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: uhh

[10:14 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: arent they at the same time?

[10:15 AM] apricity: right but for the purposes of

[10:15 AM] apricity: P1 and P2 will win instantly if they hit the number exactly, but if they go over the number then they will instantly lose.

[10:15 AM] apricity: the score reduction would have to occur before the wish

[10:15 AM] apricity: so if you reduce by 86 and i plus 2 then i lose

[10:15 AM] apricity: i think

[10:15 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: uhh yeah i think that sounds right?

[10:15 AM] apricity: cool

[10:16 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: its up to drookez hes our mod ig

[10:16 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: since the doc doesnt mention priorities, but that sounds fine

[10:16 AM] apricity: aight submitted

[10:16 AM] Drookez: mfw

[10:16 AM] zorbees: i think thats how it works

[10:17 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: what happened drook

[10:17 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: did i lose

[10:18 AM] Drookez: >

[10:18 AM] Drookez: ?

[10:18 AM] apricity: @Drookez

[10:18 AM] apricity: round 6

[10:18 AM] Drookez: waiting on vigvig

[10:18 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: ive sent my thing

[10:19 AM] Drookez: oh nvm

[10:19 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: ive just not been saying the round number before ive been sending soz

[10:19 AM] Drookez: Round 6: Hal - reduce cap by 1, VIGVIG: add 16

[10:19 AM] apricity: hal: 15, vigvig: 16, score cap at 99

[10:21 AM] Drookez: Round 7: Hal - reduce cap by 2, vigvig - reduce score needed by 83

[10:22 AM] apricity: hal: 15, vigvig: 16, score cap at 97

[10:23 AM] Drookez: Round 8: hal- add 1, vigvig - reduce cap by 81

[10:23 AM] apricity: gg i win

[10:24 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: oh shit you do

[10:24 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: lmao

[10:24 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: gg

[10:24 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: i forgot about the last person to +1 rule ;;

[10:24 AM] CaffeineBoost: Oh I missed this

[10:24 AM] VigilanteVigoroth: but yeah gg m8

[10:24 AM] Drookez: gg!


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huh good point because of people going to vacation I too will be on one from the 29th. I too should be able to still come(though not talk) as long as you notify ahead of time.


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Hollah at ya boy

Main Match 6 - Age of Circus
Main sheet
: Here

Each player will start with 12 maximum possible building space in their town, a cap that will increase by 6 per age up to a maximum of 24. There are two resources in this game: Food and Gold. You gather these passively each turn proportional to how many economic buildings you have standing in your city (Town Center / Mill / Gold Mine).

Each player will start the game with 1000 F / 1000 G and a Town Center. If your Town Center is destroyed, you will lose the game. You may advance in age for the cost of 500 F / 500 G if you have built at least 2*your current age number of different buildings (not including your town center). You may not re-build, repair, or replace a destroyed building.

You will spend resources to build buildings or build units at the production buildings. Each production building can build one unit to be added to your fighting force per turn. These units will never die (unlike in any other RTS game), and can be used either in offense or defense.

When calculating offensive damage: You may send out a fighting force to attack another player during your turn. These units sent to attack will not be available for defense during this same turn. The damage you deal to an opponent will be the difference in total CP between your fighting force and his, minus any defensive structure bonuses your opponent has (such as the 25 CP defensive bonus your Town Center gives you per age).

There are a number of unit modifiers that will be taken into account when calculating damage. As a general rule of thumb, you will not know precisely what units or buildings your opponents have built. If multiple people attack one player, the results will be calculated separately (i.e. it is assumed that the defensive units are at full strength for both attacks individually).

Once every other turn, you may opt to attack one other player by combining your attacking force with that of another player's. Instead of having each of your attacks face the same defensive force, you will both combined face your opponent's defensive force at once.

When taking damage: You will be informed how much damage you took from an attack, and you will have to deal out the damage to buildings. The HP of a building determines how much damage it can take before it is destroyed. Be aware that once you may not split damage, however: once a building starts taking damage, it will become a priority to be destroyed in future attacks. Additionally, if you take more damage than one building's worth of HP, you must ascribe the remaining damage to a maximum of one structure (i.e. you can never split damage dealt, though you can choose which buildings of yours are destroyed).

The turns will go in garnet order. Note that production rates are locked in at the start of a turn - if you have 5 Mills and your Town Center at the start of a turn, and you then have two Mills destroyed in an attack before you get to your turn, you will still get 300 Food that turn.

Please post any questions here.

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Oh right and rewards / boosts sorry
You may spend 1 garnet at the start of any turn for an additional 200 Food or Gold. You may not trade garnets during the match.

1st: Token of Life + 10 Garnets
2nd: Token of Life + 4 Garnets
3rd: 6 Garnets
4th: 4 Garnets
5th: 2 Garnets
6th: Elimination Candidate
How does "once every other turn" work, does it just mean on odd turns, once on 1/2, 3/4, or just that you can't make a combined attack if you made one the turn before?

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I cannot do any reasonable time on Saturday; I am busy from 9:30 am est to at the earliest 10 pm est.

I am also definitely busy Sunday from 9:30 am est to 1:30 pm est, but don't yet know my schedule beyond that on Sunday. It's very likely I will have further unavailability.

EDIT: looks like the rest of that Sunday should be okay.
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scheduling: sundays are trickier for me unless its like post 7 EST if we are only doing weekends, otherwise tuesday and thursday nights are tricky as well, generally can only do after 9 EST on those days

so castles can build any type of unit?
can we build as many buildings as possible per turn?
for castle/tower CP, is the maximum the maximum number of archers or the maximum CP?

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