Let's Play! Geno's Rangerlocke Challenge

The name is bad, don't remind me. I came up with it and the challenge itself and thought it could do well here.


1. 1 Pokemon is chosen as your partner. It must be your starter originally, but can be changed to something else later on. If your starter is replaced later without dying, it must be placed in the PC. (I will explain in detail later)

2. After every gym badge all "friend" Pokemon must be released. A ranger can not hold more then 5 friends and can not take them far from their original location.

3. Friend Pokemon that faint can not be replaced until the next badge.

4. Standard rules including 1 per in-game location (only the first), release upon death, and nickname all

5. As a Ranger, you have a time limit for completing the game, this is decided by those reading/watching based on the game chosen.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART: you can sort of cheat the location system here to skip an encounter until the next badge, allowing for a full 5 at a point.

PARTNER POKEMON: Your starter is your partner (read rule 1) who can be replaced only once at some point during the story. The one you replace it with is now your new partner and the starter must be placed in the PC. You may only have 1 partner at a time, so if your new one dies, get over it and go back to your starter. You may not get another new one. Partners can be caught in the same area as a regular friend Pokemon, but it must immediately be applied and no battle can be entered with both.

WHAT YOU DO: You guys get to:

- Select my original starter/partner
- Pick any other rules you want me to add in as I literally just made this up
- Choose any specifics you want me to catch or use
- Impose any common nuzlocke rule variant (no limiting PokeCenters though)
- Almost anything else you can think of

I guess we can hold votes for the starter. The game will be Black 2.

(Note I do not support the original Pokemon Ranger game... at all)

Have fun, updates will be posted regularly and voting for the starter will end at 9pm EST tomorrow night. This took forever to type, but the updates will definitely be more fun.

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