German and Italian Translator Available

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Not sure exactly if this is only for the French and Spanish project, but I speak both of the languages in the title and would be glad to help out with any possible translating here. Also sorry if I'm not supposed to post here, didn't see anything against it though :)
I'd be interested, but I am busy this week. From next week, however, i will be available for the Italian translation :)
So far there's no Italian project planned, and I'm currently working on the German translation project. However, if someone decides to step up and take control of an Italian translation project, I'd be glad to help as well.


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I won't this delete this yet, but for now, if you are interested in helping with an already existing translations project, read this. Contact the leaders of the project you're interested in. They will test your ability to speak in whatever language you apply for, and will determine if you will be an official translation member for their project.

If you are interested in STARTING a translations project, read this and follow the process outlined there.
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