Ghost and SixftHax's Pokébank Trading Thread (60+ Pokébank pokémon)

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Hey before we do anything for the Politoed. I noticed that you guys have this little bugger for trade.

31/30/31/31/30/31 (HP Ghost)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Justified

Probably one of my favorite's (next to Terrakion). Would wonder if you would trade either for a Shiny Aegislash. IV's are 31/31/31/31/xx/0 I'd really like your non Shiny Terrakion (Don't like Shiny's all that much). Just let me know. I can also throw in some other mons that you guys could want. Just wondering.
For no stealth rock Terrakion, jolly, are you interested in, (5 IV):

Milotic, calm with Confuse Ray, Marvel scale
Frillish, calm with Recover, Water absorb
Litwick, modest, Flash fire
Cottonee, impish, with Memento and Encore, Prankster
Larvesta, timid, Flame body
Carvanha, adamant, Speed boost

I am willing to trade two of them for it.
We dont need any of those sorry
CMT for adamant arceus,
timid shaymin hp ice,
timid thundurus hp ice,
jirachi with egg moves ,
hp ice landorus, naive
and timid manaphy

Adamant arceus and timid shaymin is my most wanted. c:
Sorry but there are no pokemon in your thread that interests us
You have Pokemon in your original post that are obviously not your own. Please specify the OT and ID of the Pokemon that are not yours in your original post or we will lock your thread.
Please add this information in the next 48 hours or this thread will be locked.

1) Your Celebi is hacked. GAMESTP Celebis are obtained from a ripped wonder card that never saw an official release.
2) Your Regigigas is hacked. An Adamant 31/31/31/31/31/31 spread on a wild capture in gen 4 is impossible.

This is the second time I have caught the two of you unknowingly distributing hacked Pokemon. The two of you seem to have little idea if the Pokemon you're distributing are hacked, which is your full responsibility when trading as it creates a very dangerous trading environment for others here. You are both to be blacklisted.
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