Ghost Arceus (Revamp - QC 2/3)


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<p>Emerging from the shadows with the eeriness of His Spooky Plate, the spirit of Arceus haunts His creations. None can truly discern His mysterious plans, for with the ability to assume almost any role, Ghost Arceus is perhaps the most versatile and unpredictable forme of them all. Horrifying can He be with His unnerving Calm Mind and Swords Dance sets, causing even Giratina, Lugia, and Latias to fall back into darkness. When taking on a more supportive role, the spectral Arceus watches ever so silently. For His intangibility renders Normal- and Fighting-type attacks all for naught; feeble and futile will the attempts be to spin against He who cannot be seen. All the same, even the elusive Ghost Arceus cannot evade all. His intangibility comes back to haunt Him, for He only resists the uncommon Bug- and Poison-type attacks in return for weaknesses to common Ghost- and Dark-type attacks. But alas, there is nothing to be feared from the darkness; it is the shadow of Arceus that is to be feared.</p>

name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Recover
move 3: Judgment
move 4: Focus Blast / Fire Blast
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe


- gl
- bulk + strong = good use of cm
- recover for lengtivity
- judgment is strong stab
- focus blast perfect coverage w/ judg
- fire blast smacks steels harder but has overall a worse coverage
- destroys offense


- spread obvious: bulkiest, fastest, strong motherfucker
- offensive spread: 200 spa can be used to 2HKO ho-oh at +0 after sr, 168 spa breaks both sdef skarmory and forry at +1 w/ sr, 76 spa ohkos quaza at +1 after sr. 176 speed w/ timid to outspeed what you honestly need, but not quite neccessary, and rest in hp. the offensive spread is easily one of the more effective ones.

- surf, sub, wow
- refresh but mono ghost is mo

- SR is extremely crucial for this set to work
- groudon, dialga, exca are all brilliant choices. latter two synergize well too.
- spikes are good too but not really mandatory for this to work.
- genesect is a phenomenal partner for weakening targes like kyogre and sniping darkrai and mewtwo who are faster and can do some dmg. scarf terrakion is in the same boat: can beat darkrai and damage blobs at the same time.
- doesn't really like any residual damage: weather, poison, etc. a thing to take all is adviced. resttalk ogre is a cute partner thus. it can also shuffle shit.
- a spinner: exca, tenta, forry.

name: Shadow Force
move 1: Shadow Force
move 2: Swords Dance
move 3: Shadow Claw / Recover
move 4: Brick Break / ExtremeSpeed
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


- shadow force STRONG
- seriosuly just sd and wreck rofl

+2 252 Atk Spooky Plate Arceus-Ghost Shadow Force vs. 252 HP / 4+ Def Skarmory: 44.91 - 52.99%
+2 252 Atk Spooky Plate Arceus-Ghost Shadow Force vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Forretress: 46.61 - 55.08%
+2 252 Atk Spooky Plate Arceus-Ghost Shadow Force vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Hippowdon: 67.85 - 80%
+2 252 Atk Spooky Plate Arceus-Ghost Shadow Force vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Groudon: 62.62 - 73.76%

- shadow claw is a good way to keep pressure and force mindplays w/ foe as it is still strong and doesnt require a charge
- brick break hits steels harder
- recover is cute for health
- espeed for priority


- adamant if you want to be stronger but you miss out on a ton like opposing arceus and lati@s and terrak
- eq for no mindgames pls

- hazards pls
- deo-s/a excells at this
- custap forry too
- strong physical attackers should pair well with this as it just weakens a ton

name: Support
move 1: Recover
move 2: Will-O-Wisp
move 3: Judgment / Flamethrower
move 4: Roar / Flamethrower
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe


- useful for teams that need something bulky that can also spinblock
- can actually recover which makes it harder to wear down w/ hazards and switches but more prone to status
- recover obv
- wow cripples zekrom and groudon and terrak and rayquaza and friends
- judgment for consistent stab and useful vs mewtwo
- ft smashes steels and hazards pkmn
- roar to shuffle and phaze setuppers
- ft + roar if you want to hit both hazarders and phaze


- obvious evs
- 252 hp / 16 def / 72 spa / 168 spe, bold: tanks +1 outrage from lo quaza, 2hkos quaza w/o sr, outspeeds base 95s
- 252 hp / 96 def / 48 spa / 112 spe, timid: outspeeds palkers etc, tanks 2 lo 252+ donner eq w/o sr

- surf, fblast, twave, perish song
- shadow claw
- stone edge on support
- ice beam on support

- hazard pkmns are v strong for this set
- exca is a strong partner, spins and gets up sr. forry spins and gets up spikes, and ferro can provide recovery via leech seed
- sdef ogre is an amazing partner for kyurem-w, reshiram, darkrai
- tbh this thing shouldn't have many teammates as it is the one supporting. stat boosters can enjoy the burn/phasing, so shit like rayquaza and terrak are cool.

name: Lead
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Judgment
move 3: Flamethrower
move 4: ExtremeSpeed / Magic Coat
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Timid
evs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


- anti-lead pls



[Other Options]

- sr on support
- lol donkey's set

[Checks and Counters]

- darkrai
- darkceus
- sdef forry/skarmer if not offensive spread
- basically, just hit hard, and hit so fast. dont let this monster breathe or you're donked.

- chansey / blissey - if no sub AND must have snatch if arc is not badly poisoned
- toxic jirachi - if no sub
- kyogre - if not last poke
- toxic tenta in rain
- ho-oh
- scizor roost toxic stall
- bulky arceus formes w/ toxic can cripple it like grass or water
- heatran can tank a blast and toxic it

- skarmer / forry wreck sd
- wallceus
- combination checks of normal types + brick break resists to outplay /shadow force/

~last resorts~
- chople berry tar
- scarf zekrom
- genesect iron head flinch
- ghost arceus speed tie
- sucker punch bisharp O:
- shadow sneak can finish weakened ones
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OK... compared to some other skeletons I've seen this is very, VERY short, and even though I'm not QC that won't be enough details to get on-site. If that's what you, who was 2 rows of badges and is a moderator, can pull off, then I'm scratching my head now. You have no teammates listed aside from "hazards pls" on the SD set. You have no reasons to why you use most or some of your moves. That's just the start though.

If that IS all you need then I'm an idiot.


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You actually did an amazing job X_X, I only have very nitpicky stuff to add.

For support Arc set, mention its the only spin blocker that gets Recovery in the form of Recover (not having to rely on Rest is amazing :D), which greatly distinguishes it from gira-o + gira-a in the sense its much harder to wear out with continuous hits / threats + hazards and instead is more annoyed by status. Aside from Judgment being a consistent STAB move to spam on Ghostceus, it also is really useful against Mewtwo, as it can switch in and deal massive damage, as it quite comfortably lives +1 Psystrike (it is 2HKOed though, but being able to live and stop it is v. good). AC Shadow Claw b/c it actually kills Latios after SR and deals more damage to Mewtwo after it obtains a Calm Mind, but is weaker in general and does WAY less to enemy Giratinas.

Mention Toxic Tentacruel in counters to Support and Calm Mind Ghost Arceus. Tentacruel can quite reliably spin in front of both Arceus, and its high Sdef lets it avoid getting 2HKOed by +2 Judgment in rain (assuming Bulky arc) lol. Somewhat similar deal with SDef Forry that uses Toxic + Pain Split, except its 2HKOed by +2 Focus Blast (again assuming Bulky Arc). While Toxic Spikes are a major pain for Ghost Arc, being poisoned when a single layer is up means Chansey / Blissey can't beat it anymore (unless Snatch, speaking of which mention Snatch Chansey will ALWAYS win against CM Ghost Arceus, even given Substitute. Snatching a single Calm Mind makes it impossible for Chansey to get 2HKOed by +6 Focus Blast).

In OO mention Arc Ghost can run extremely niche moves on certain sets (i.e. stone edge on support to ruin ho-oh, Ice Beam to OHKO Rayquaza on Support as it lives +0 Judgment, Stealth Rock on Support b/c you couldn't find something else to shove it on and still need the bulk b/c you need it to stick around) to check certain mons, but the moves listed have the most utility, and thus are generally preferred unless your team is in desperate need for something.

QC: 1/3

Again very good job Furai :D.
mention refresh for tenta n forr3 and shit
emphasize that shadow force-less sd ghost arc sucks
qc approved 2/3 now stop naggin me
There's a really fun set I used to use:

Arceus (Arceus-Ghost) @ Spooky Plate
Trait: Multitype
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Substitute
- Cosmic Power
- Roar
- Recover

Should deserve at least an other option mention. It obliterates offense and stall alike when hazards are up, unless they carry mons with Taunt, bar Deo-S since Deo-S isn't active at the point in the game when this comes online. Max speed probably isn't needed, but it assures you can't be phased by any other Arceus form.

Is there a reason you don't mention Earthquake on the SD set? It eliminates mindgames while Toxic'd or taking Leech Seed damage against Ferrothorn/Giratina-A teams which can be pretty significant.


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i barely have time to get this done, so if someone wants this, go ahead

if no one takes this i'll get it done when i can o3o