Ghosting Tournament VI - Round 2


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  • General tournament rules and regulations, which can be found here.
  • Standard SM OU rules.
  • Tournament will be single elimination.
Tournament Specific Rules:

-Single Elimination, bo1
-No Disallow Spectators - for easy ghosting and scouting


-Because of the ghosting element, who is actually battling for the team each round makes little difference, just make sure the battle gets done.
-There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere...
-You must post the replay of your battle and logs of your ghosting in the thread of the respective round. Ghosting in call is also allowed as long as someone records it and uploads it (ideally to YouTube). (You will notice that the ghosting logs are by far the best part of this tournament, so it'd be a shame for them not to be available to everyone) Failure to not post logs of ghosting will result in a coinflip. Losers do not need to post logs, but it would be great if you did as they are always fun to read. I suggest creating a discord server or group chat, and setting appearance to compact to make sifting through logs easier.

MATCHUPS (made by Leo):

(Click the hyperlink of the team opposite yours to see your opponents. Captains should (ideally) contact each other, though you may schedule however you like.)

Deadline: Sunday May 12th, 11:59 PM EDT

If you have any questions, or if I made any mistakes that need fixing, please contact me through discord (Aurella#7350).
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Gonna call act, our opps missed scheduled time twice. It's too late for the rest of my teammates to play now


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calling act, suapah contacted rylon during the week and they didn't respond until this morning, at which point everyone on our team already had mother's day plans and couldn't play


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calling act, suapah contacted rylon during the week and they didn't respond until this morning, at which point everyone on our team already had mother's day plans and couldn't play
I put a lot of thought into this so I need you guys to respect my decision even though someone's about to be disappointed.

Timeline of what I see happened here, keeping in mind that the schedulers of both teams share the same timezone of -4:

-- Thursday Afternoon: Suapah takes scheduling initiative and VM's Rylon with 3 days of likely availability

-- Friday: No response from Rylon even though he left a scheduling comment on Finch's vm on that day.

-- Saturday Afternoon: Rylon Discord DM's a half hr before Saturday's tour (probably remembering that Suapah mentioned that those times would work best for his team) to schedule for Sunday. Suapah answers 5 hrs later at 8pm that night with LL receiving a scheduling DM a minute later that LL never responds to. A different member of QQ tries on Sunday morning to schedule suapah's wall, proving a lack of communication in their team as they should've known to reach out to LL instead.

Result: I'm awarding suapah's team the activity win for the following reasons

- took the scheduling initiative and offered 3 days availability with a day in advance.
- quality control procrastinated one of the 3 days by not responding on fri despite answering an unrelated scheduling attempt
- quality control tries to get a hold of Suapah a half hr before saturday's tour in accordance to the times suapah mentioned his team could play (even though contact should be made in advance). It's completely irrelevant if suapah had answered earlier and therefore gotten LL into scheduling sooner, because by saturday afternoon qq had already decided they couldn't play that day and therefore forced suapah's team into the final day after already lagging to schedule that whole week.

If quality control had offered on that saturday to play on that day then I would've put this match to an extension, but since they did not and were slow to inform the other team about the other two days there is no question in my mind which team is awarded activity.
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LOL , we were connected and we challed sabella , he don't reply and he left the room
Idk what happened later when I left for mothers day stuff but from our scheduled time of 12 gmt -4 till 12:40 when I got off none of you were on or even tried to contact us lol

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