Ghosts Of Your Past II - Finals [Won by undisputed]

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Ghost Of Your Past II​

undisputed vs 199 Lives vs snorlax

It will be a round robin, you'll play each other in Bo3's using the 3 metagames you've been playing all tournament. Seems like a pain in the ass for you guys but I don't really think there's a better way, and I'd rather not have you all make new teams for a different metagame.

No deadline but get it done soon! GL
contacted opponents, hope this doesnt become a 1 win per person thing, cause tiebreaker will be a pain to figure out
Whew close one with Snorlax.

Lost in BttP, and then won the other 2 in some close matches (especially terrorist cup)

special thanks to ENZ0 for hooking me up with a blast to the past team. thanks BR0!

confirming some very close games, i think i made a few mistakes in late game terrorist cup that cost me the win, but they were enjoyable games all the same. GGs man
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