Tournament Girafarig if instead of a line it split off in a triangular formation Cup II - Finals


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Welcome to the girafarig if instead of a line it split off in a triangular formation cup II. Girafarig Cup is a three-man team tournament for doubles. Unlike 2015's Girafarig Cup I, this tournament will not include a required mon for each team.

How to signup:
  • Signing up as a group: Make a post for your group specifying the two players you will be fighting alongside and your team name. You can also choose a team mascot if you would like.
  • Signing up without a group: You can signup as a free agent and I will put you on a team with other free agents or to a team missing a player when the first round is posted.
    • You are free at any point after you signup to join a group instead before the first round starts. When I post round 1, I will accommodate the remaining free agents into teams of three, prioritizing those with an earlier signup date.
    • If you are one of the last or only people to sign up as a free agent and there is no team to put you on, you will be in as a sub.
  • Format is SS Doubles OU + Isle of Armor DLC
  • Battles are best of three
  • This tournament is single elimination
  • There is no restriction against sharing teams
  • Post your replays
  • Girafarig is legal

Signups will end and Round 1 will be posted Sunday, June 21st. This will allow you plenty of time to find your group and formulate epic teams for the new metagame. I will be doing team spotlights for exceptionally potent lineups of aspiring trainers.

Free Agents:
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