Giveaway Ruining Only Unusual Dreams Of Nothing [CLOSE]

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That is a Groudon. Do you want one? In that case, here is your chance to get one. This is the Groudon you can receive:

Brave Groudon: 31/31/31/6/31/0
{OT: TS-X 26655} [NON]
Level 45
Emulator used, D5 used


1. To show you read the rules, post a sentence about Team Magma.
2. Don't be an idiot.
3. Be patient; it may be some time after the giveaway ends that I distribute the Groudon.

There are two steps to winning. This is to make sure only those who truly want the Groudon get it.

1. First, you must first answer the following questions and PM me your answers:
What competitive significance does this Groudon have in comparison with one from Emerald or SoulSilver?

What is the significance of the title of this giveaway?

What intrinsic trait do these three things share? Jirachi Wish Maker, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, this giveaway

2. Next, you must...DRAW A GROUDON AND POST IT HERE.
It doesn't have to be a whole Groudon; just has to depict a Groudon, and be your work.

Good luck to all who desire this golden behemoth.

Only I will distribute.

1. locoghoul
2. Vulgo
3. IceArceus12
4. Captain Interlock
5. Impact

This giveaway ends wither when all winner spots are filled or 48 hours pass.
Oh lord. My drawing skills interfere, and I don't know the answer to 1 question. Will update with the picture.

Team Magma, attack!

If the image tags don't work, try the link.

Oh yeah I dont know those answers yet but I will get to the bottom of them and here...

Yes I drew this its my mighty groudon and know body have better not say eneything about it
PM sent.

In Emerald and the anime, Team Magma was played as the better (by that, I mean good) team than Team Aqua (who seemed to be more evil).

And finally, the pic. Sorry, it's a bit old and realistic.
Wow so many responses!
Yes the pic can be in a vid, I don't care as long as it's easily visible.
Not sure who I'll count the first five as; probably first come first served.
Added winners. By the way the first question's the main one I care about, might have added people who drew and only did the first.
@Inbred: No questions sorry
@tlb31m: First question wasn't right, sorry
@locoghoul: IN.
@SwampertGirl: Only one question, maybe you forgot?
@Bruno Magno: Waiting till you post the drawing; you actually didn't get any of them but I liked your answers and you accidentally posted the answer to the first somewhere else
@Vulgo: It doesn't have a Fire Gem lol it's what people put to say it's from Ruby, but...IN.
@IceArceus12: Interesting answer for 3; IN.
@Captain Interlock: IN.

One spot left; probably for Bruno when he finished his drawing but we'll see.
PM sent.

I didn't know how to actually draw the Groudon on a piece of paper then scan it to the computer, so I drew it online. Sorry Im not that good at drawling and its hard to draw it on a laptop.
IN. That's a cool art site by the way; hadn't heard of it.


Answers I was expecting (I accepted "creative" ones too):
1. Trick Room or weather war.
2. G.R.O.U.D.O.N.
3. They all feature Groudon!
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