Giving away free Japanese shiny flawless mienfoo!

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Hi there! I'm giving away a shiny flawless Mienfoo.

If you want one, just post!

Details of the said Pokemon:

Mienfoo lv 1
Shiny: yes
Nature: jolly
Ability: Regenerator
IVs: flawless
EVs: 0
Egg Moves: stone edge
OT: みどり 03517
Finally, a genuine excuse to not need to breed another Mienfoo. I'd like one.

Name: Aaron
FC: 0862-3651-9889

P.S. What's the distribution rights on this?
I would love to have one. Any giveaway of one of my favorites from this generation is a good giveaway

FC: 3525 2668 0673
That sounds fantastic. I would love one.


I don't know how to DL from pokecheck but there's no rush for me. Just PM me whenever you want to trade with me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I'll happily take one as soon as your Wi-Fi is back up and running. I'd rather do a real trade; I the only pokemon I get from Pokecheck are parents that I don't plan to use in Wi-Fi battles.

EDIT: FC is 3052-8790-3261
i want 1. please. my fc is 0261-6048-9120. im so exited this is my first time posting anything on smogon and in a giveaway. started getting into pokemon like a month ago.
I'd love one man nice giveaway! My fc is in my sig I'm posting from my ds but I should be around whenever you're ready. And thanks bro!
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