SS OU Glimmering Pals (ft. Togekiss)

Hello everyone! Hope you all are keeping well with your Pokemon battles. I'm here once again with another SS OU team built around an old favorite back in Diamond and Pearl, Togekiss. But I was wondering if there are any improvements to be made to make this team reach the top once The Isle of Armor comes round. This is a balanced team with good synergy and support, containing Pokemon that go on the offense and those that go on the defence.

Let's not wait any's the team I present to ya!



Nature: Timid
IVs: 31/0/31/31/31/31
EVs: 4 HP/252 Sp.Atk/252 Spe
Ability: Super Luck
Held Item: Scope Lens
Dazzling Gleam
Air Slash
Nasty Plot

Ah, Togekiss. You were quite the Pokemon to watch out for thanks to Serene Grace, Thunder Wave and Air Slash. Now there's a new toy for it to play with and that's Super Luck which increases its critical hit ratio. With the boost of the critical-hit ratio, I figured I could boost it even further with Scope Lens. With this item, this makes it a sharpshooter to many opponents. Late game sweeping is its best role, waiting in the side-lines before the time comes.

Dazzling Gleam and Air Slash are both to me, the best attacking moves thanks to the STAB boost. Dragapult, Scrafty, Malamar and other dragons, fairies and fighters will be sitting ducks. I prefer it to have both STAB moves because I want it to unleash its full offensive potential. That's why it doesn't have Roost. Since Steel-types are still quite popular nowadays, Flamethrower is a must-have to melt them down. Personally, Flamethrower's a better option than Aura Sphere when it comes to type variety and power. Lastly, Nasty Plot is what makes this Pokemon work. Without it, how can it sweep? How can it break my opponent's defence with ease? Once used, watch out!

When it comes to threats, Toxtricity is its worst nightmare to face since it prevails over pretty much everything to be honest. An Overdrive, a Sludge Bomb, a Sludge Wave or a Poison Jab is what it would take to bring this poor Pokemon down. Cobalion, Coalossal, Barbaracle, Assault Vest users and specially-defensive Pokemon like Goodra can also be problems as they can strike it out of the sky and strongly retaliate after an attack. If a scenario such as this happens, it's a switch to a team member that can deal with them.


Nature: Relaxed
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD
Ability: Unaware
Held Item: Leftovers

Back in Pokemon X/Y, I used a Quagsire with the similar moveset, the only difference was the ability and it was AWESOME. This underrated Pokemon is tough as nails when it comes to physical attacks and sometimes unpredictable with Unaware. The ability halts setup sweepers to prevents clean sweeps from opponents. In my opinion, I believe this is the perfect counter for hyper-offensive teams.

This Pokemon was originally going to have Liquidation instead of Scald but burns can make a big difference and turn the tables. So Scald is back on there along with the mighty Earthquake. It's a shame that it doesn't know Stealth Rock, but Toxic is still a popular choice to wear down Pokemon. Lastly, Recover replenishes its HP, continuing to fight on even further.

Quagsire definitely falls flat against Grass-types and those that learn Grass-type moves. Venusaur, Roserade, Appletun, Vileplume are some of the Pokemon it does NOT want to face. When it comes to using this Pokemon, I have to be careful not to make it Trick bait or else it could put the whole team at risk. It can take care of sweepers that can setup, yes. But those with Magic Guard such as Reuniclus and Clefable could be a whole different story.


Nature: Modest
IVs: 31/0/31/31/31/31
EVs: 252 HP/252 Sp.Atk/4 Def
Ability: Magic Bounce
Held Item: Assault Vest
Dazzling Gleam
Mystical Fire
Giga Drain

As I read that Assault Vest Hatterene can help support Togekiss, I planned on making the best moveset possible for the Pokemon. This team member has great bulk and the ability to reflect entry hazards and status-inflicting moves so let's bring the bulkiness even further! With Assault Vest, special attacks are like little mosquito bites. She's surely the team member that can brew trouble to the enemy.

Psychic and Psyshock are both great moves. But it's tough to decide which one suits best for her. I say this because Psyshock can help her gain the upper hand against specially-defensive walls such as Mantine, Araquanid and Milotic while Psychic has more power. To me, I would go for Psyshock but it depends on how well the team synergy is. Mystical Fire can deal with popular Steel-types such as opposing Ferrothorn and Bronzong and Giga Drain is a move I think would work really well on Hatterene. For example, you face a Pokemon like Seismitoad or Gastrodon. Using Giga Drain could catch my opponent off-guard, leaving me with a 1+. Sometimes it's fun to comes with innovative movesets such as this one.

Unfortunately, it does not mean she can handle threats such as Choice Specs Duraludons, Excadrills and Corviknights. They can handle Hatterenes superbly and that's something to be concerned about. Dragapults, Gengars and Chandelures can also strike down hard with enough power, leaving her fainted on the floor. It all comes down to how much Hatterene can handle. If she faints, things could get pretty ugly at my end.


Nature: Sassy
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/0
EVs: 252 HP/68 Def/188 Sp.Def
Ability: Iron Barbs
Held Item: Leftovers
Gyro Ball
Power Whip
Stealth Rock
Leech Seed

Once again, Ferrothorn is back with a superb amount of team support, excellent typing and bulk. This Pokemon's definitely a good choice because I need someone that can set up Stealth Rock and take hits that are considered fatal to other team members. Sludge Wave? Nah. Energy Ball? Nah. Moonblast?...Nah. Ferrothorn just shrugs them off, saving their bacon in the process, It will and will always will be, a popular team member by many. This Pokemon takes the role as a specially-defensive wall for team balancing. A physical wall and a special wall are recommended to make this team tick.

With no Speed IVs, Gyro Ball is up to its maximum efficiency. The slower Ferrothorn is, the better. Power Whip is always useful to take on the likes of Seismitoad, Gastrodon and other Water-types that do not have a resistance to it. Stealth Rock is what this Pokemon is made for. Those that do not carry Heavy-Duty Boots are in for a sharp surprise. Finally, Leech Seed is to wear down opponents by sapping the life out of them, leaving it to fight on. These moves are what this Pokemon needs for the whole team to survive.

When it comes to threats, a single, Fire-type attack can incinerate Ferrothorn even with all its special bulk. Cinderace, Chandelure, Coalossal, Centiskorch and definitely Charizard shall have no problems whatsoever. This also includes strong Fighting-types such as Conkeldurr, Machamp, Hawlucha and Sirfetch'd. Lastly, Trick users and those that leave a burn can greatly cripple Ferrothorn's strength, leaving my team at a disadvantage if counter measures are not made. If I see any of these Pokemon, I go for the emergency bail button. No doubt.


Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/0/31/31
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
Ability: Libero
Held Item: Heavy-Duty Boots
Pyro Ball
Low Kick
Court Change

This Pokemon is in full-kicking gear thanks to the release of Libero! Libero changes its type to the move used and that can be a big game-changer if it's a full blown sweeper. The best role for Cinderace is pivoting and entry hazard removal. Sadly, the only way to get Scorbunny with a Hidden Ability is through Pokemon HOME. Which is why I came up with the best legal moveset for it. Sorry High Jump Kick, you're not chosen this time.

I love the Pyro Ball animation. Cinderace engulfs the pebble with fire and kicks it like a soccer ball, scoring a goal against Ice, Grass and Steel-types. Alolan Ninetales, Venusaur and opposing Ferrothorn can't be goalkeepers when it comes to blocking the ball. Low Kick was selected as a legal alternative over High Jump Kick because the power differentiates depending on how heavy the heavy is. If he faces a Tyranitar, Low Kick takes it out. Need I say more? U-Turn is for Cinderace to retreat and deal more damage than usual thanks to Libero and Court Change is to swap entry hazards from my side to the other side. It is best to wait for the opponent to set up entry hazards first before you do to avoid confusion. Plus, Cinderace wouldn't be crippled thanks to his Heavy-Duty Boots.

Cinderace is fast, but he's not the fastest, Those who out speed it such as Dragapult, Jolteon, Inteleon and Choice Scarf users can stop his victory run. Plus, there are those who have no problems taking hits from him. Examples are Toxapex, Chandelure, Mantine, Pelipper, Gyarados and Flash Fire Arcanine. They have the upper hand when Cinderace is out onto the field.


Nature: Naive
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Sp.Atk/4 Spe
Ability: Punk Rock
Held Item: Life Orb
Poison Jab
Shift Gear

Haxorus was originally going to selected to take the last spot in the team. But as I looked closely, the team required more type variety against Flying and Water-types. So my eyes went to a mixed sweeping Toxtricity. Shift Gear is a great move that increase its power and speed. A single Shift Gear is sometimes what's needed to turn the tide around and emerge victorious. Ever seen what rock and roll looks like on a Pokemon? Here's your answer!

Thanks to both Punk Rock and Life Orb, The powers of Overdrive and Boomburst are on another level, giving Toxtricity a higher chance to finish opponents with a loud BOOM! Gyarados, Pelipper and even Toxapex wouldn't resist its fancy grooves. The Pokemon also takes care of the likes of Clefable and Rotom-Mow Grass-types with its Poison Jabs. All those moves are a force to be reckoned with once Shift Gear kicks in.

However, it can be a sitting duck against Ground and Psychic-types and hyper offensive Pokemon such as Excadrill, Gastrodon, Seismitoad, Reuniclus, Espeon, Polteageist and even Cloyster. Not only that, since Toxtricity doesn't have Fire Punch, Ferrothorn can wall it completely. All these threats can cancel Toxtricity's performance with the flick of the switch. These worse-case scenarios have to be avoided at all costs.


I thought as much as I can to build a team around Togekiss since the Pokemon is a favourite to many. Overall, I say it can go all the way if there are still improvements to be made. If there are threats that this team fears to face it's Charizard and Sunny Day teams. Charizard can burn this team on an open broil with its big type variety, especially in teams with Venusaur and Torkoal. It can be difficult facing these team threats but it doesn't mean this one is bad. I reckon it can pack quite a punch to many opponents.


Hope you enjoyed looking at this fun team. I know it still needs improvements but I don't know where to start. Since The Isle of Armor is right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to wait for the DLC to arrive before making any changes. But what do you think needs to change? Any Pokemon I need to replace? Any moves I need to swap out for new ones? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Your feedback will greatly be appreciated.

Have a nice day and happy battling! ;)

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