GG Godly Gift Seasonal - Round 4

Art by Albatross

Welcome to the Godly Gift Seasonal!

Tournament Rules:

Round 4

Winner Bracket
beauts  vs  Greybaum
in the hills  vs  PandaDoux
Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂  vs  Frixel
pannuracotta  vs  Fraise
longhiep341  vs  swag god
rarre  vs  kennukem
VoltyPichu  vs  ponchlake
Clastia  vs  eljiel

Loser Bracket
Ivar57  vs  Nowelle
Eledyr  vs  Nultiprise
TPP  vs  giove97
Quantum Tesseract  vs  MTB
glimmerrdust  vs  Fc
dnagerbdager  vs  Dragonillis
UT  vs  Plushietran
Lily  vs  The Dragon Master

Deadline is 12pm GMT+2 on September, Monday 26th
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so i didnt realise elijel asked to play thursday so i missed that but they havent responded to my reschedule attempt yet, can we have an extension to wednesday in case we fail to before the week ends?
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