Going out for my first tournament!

It's a local Gamestop thing on March 26th that requires me to submit Pokemon and move lists on the entry form.

I'm freaking out because on top of the usual jitters from being a first-timer, I realized I have no clue how to play VGC, nor do I have a team for it.

Here are the two mons I've trained so far:

Rayquaza @ (no item yet)
Jolly, 10 HP / 248 Atk / 252 Speed
IVs: 2 HP, 9 Atk (HP Dragon wtf)
- Dragon Ascent
- Dragon Dance
- Extreme Speed
- Dragon Claw

Let's be honest, this thing is one of the best things in the format. Negating primal weather, only taking 1/8 from SR on arrival due to Delta Stream, and just total beastly attacks all around. There's a reason this got banned FROM UBERS. Definitely could use a coverage option, though.

Metagross @ Metagrossite
Impish, 252 Atk / 6 Def / 252 Speed
IVs: 11/0/31/22/31/27 (HP Grass)
- Agility
- Zen Headbutt
- Meteor Mash
- Bullet Punch

Due to his rock-bottom Attack IV, Meteor Mash gives me some needed power, plus I can always pick things off. Agility plus mega evolution gives me the ability to outrun +2 Xerneas and still bring the pain, while Clear Body means I don't have to fear getting intimidated until it mega evolves. Zen Headbutt is there as a secondary stab, though I feel like I can do better.

I also have a 4 Speed IV Hasty Heatran that still outruns Tyranitar, so I was thinking of bringing that, possibly with scarf just in case. Still deliberating EVs and moves for that thing, since it's got perfect HP, SpAtk and SpDef IVs. Will need to look out for revenge kills due to low defense.

I kind of delayed in coming to you guys since the advice was seemingly only useful for those that were better than me. But there really is no better font of competitive wisdom out there. Help me not have a breakdown in front of the camera, please, since they will be filming this!
Hey there! Glad you're trying out VGC. Some general things worth noting.
  • IVs are extremely important. Your Ray and Metagross are going to be dealing significantly less damage with those terrible Attack IVs
  • Breeding for perfect IVs is very easy this generation, with the Everstone passing down nature and the Destiny Knot passing 5 IVs from the parent Pokemon
  • You should check out the 6IV Ditto giveaways here and here so you can easily breed up perfect Pokemon
  • For legendary Pokemon there is a giveaway going on here
  • Or if you want to soft reset for perfect legends with your trainer name, check out the Soft Reset Guide
For VGC specific stuff.
  • The Viability Rankings is a great resource to see what Pokemon that are doing well this season
  • The Teambuilding Frameworks thread is a good resource for seeing what Pokemon typically synergize well
  • If you have any questions about VGC, a specific Pokemon, or playstyle ask in the Simple Questions thread
I hope this helps you out and I hope you enjoy VGC!
So should I just scrap everything and trade for things that can actually get the KOs I need? I don't have time to breed my own...remember, I have less than a month. This is why there's a cottage industry like in Theorymon's trade thing.
Slightly less than a month is plenty of time. Breeding a good mon takes less than 30 minutes (and that's if you're unlucky) and you can get stuff from the giveaways in an evening.

That being said, I would definitely recommend you try out creating a team on pokemon showdown before trying to re-create it ingame. It'll give you some experience in what VGC is about, and what pokemon and moves are good, but it'll also let you fiddle and tweak your team before spending a lot of time breeding them ingame.

You might also want to look at the frameworks thread to pick up some sample teams or learn how to make a good team yourself!
Protect and detect are very important moves in vgc that you should have on all of your mons if you can unless if it is something with 4 move syndrome ie. Cresselia.

Metagross is not good this year. Mawile is the better steel type.
Mega-Ray isn't as OP as in singles. King of VGC16 is Primal Groudon. Queen is Xerneas.

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