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It has taken a lot to do this but I'll be stepping down as Leader. It's a really shitty feeling but am excited for my future in life (whatever that may be)

I started playing competitive around 12-13 (was one of those AV Regice users iykyk) and a couple years later started to get involved in communities. I found my home in PU after probably annoying the chat a bunch and finding some friends to chat with in PM's each day. This place is really special, and wanted to try to make sure other people felt the same magic I did too. I really hope I've made even close to as much of an impact on peoples time here as they have made on mine. PU and Smogon as a whole has affected me a lot as a person. I wouldn't trade what being around different people from all around the world has taught me for anything, it has truly made me a better person at such an important time in my life

Unfortunately I'm at a crossroads in my life. While my time on here has been amazing, I've done a poor job at balancing that with IRL stuff and it's been at the center of my mind for awhile now. There is a lot going on that I'd not like to discuss publicly but point is, I need to put myself first and that really is not an easy thing for me to do. I'm worried me staying might lead to things down the road that I wouldn't be able to recover from. It's my own doing so don't take it as "Smogon sucks". I would like to make sure people don't make this same mistake though, so please make sure to take care of yourself wrt things outside of this great space!

I've had the honour of making life long friends through my time here! They're the reason I've stayed for so long, and part of the reason I'm making this decision. I want to be the best version of myself for me and them

I'm leaving a fantastic leader in chlo to watch over you all, we all know shes amazing and I'm proud to have been able to work with her in any capacity for so long. Thank you for being understanding, and I know you'll continue to do great

Will be finishing any tours I have on here. After that probably playing casually here and there so hmu if you'd like to still play PU or UU sometime as those meta games interest me a lot

Thank you for everything everyone!


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was considering whether or not to write this here since i don't usually write on people's goodbye threads, and i've already dm'd you a bit but thank you for being one of the main driving factors for keeping me interested in this tier for years, for consistently being one of the shining lights of the community and for just generally being a great friend over the last four years. without you i would not have stuck around in pu as long as i have. i wish you the best in life, you truly deserve it friend.


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You were one of my first friends on this site so its kinda sad seeing you go. Thanks for always being such a genuinely nice person - this site def needs more people like you. I also really admire all the work you've done here over the years and appreciate you being there for me for things even outside of mons. Good luck with your irl shit, you'll be missed very much brother :heart:


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My bro Specs, it will be sad to see you go. You're one of the coolest dudes I've ever known on these sites and you can fully expect that I will be hitting you up for some old school PU stuff. Remember that PU Swiss Mini-Classic we did for ORAS PU? We definitely need to have a rematch for that at least! We need to throw in some SM PU as well too. Either way, I hope you enjoy finding whatever it is you're looking for and I wish you all the best my friend.

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When u ghosted me on the uu ladder in call that one day I was like this guy is the nicest person ever. I hope ur irl stuff goes well cause u deserve the world.

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