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The Grammar-Prose team is a group of individuals hell-bent on proofreading as needed by the C&C crew. More details about the GP team itself can be found here. This thread is to serve as a queue that we will constantly update to indicate which analyses in which tiers need GP checks and how many.

How This Works:

If you are an analysis writer or a C&C moderator and need an analysis proofread by the GP team, send Fatecrashers a PM and I will add it to this queue. Once it is added to the queue, I can let other GP team members know and get your checks done in a timely manner. Below is the current queue listing for each tier, the number of remaining checks left for each. GP team members should take care to make sure that previous GP checks are properly implemented before GP checking it again, as having overlap is inefficient. Finally, when a GP member performs a check on an analysis, they should either post in this thread or send me a PM so I can update the remaining count here and avoid conflicts (two people checking the same thing at once). This should help the organization of the section and the GP team at large, since right now it's a bit of a free-for-all.

Becoming a Member:

You may apply for the GP team at any time. To apply, you must send a private message to Fatecrashers explaining why you think you're qualified for the team along with a list of at least 3 grammar checks that you've done in the past month. The leaders of GP will then review the quality of your checks together and let you know whether you've been accepted or rejected. Note that we may decide to send you a test analysis to check for further testing.


The following users are permitted to stamp analyses or articles. Users not on this list are still encouraged to grammar check analyses and articles, but they cannot use the stamp and they do not count towards the 2 check requirement of all articles and analyses. The following list of users may also stamp the checks of people not in the team so that they will count toward the check requirement.

Notes for GP members:

Please use placeholders for threads and respect them. Stop placeholdering incomplete threads, and don't post unless you are actively grammar checking them. saying "I'll check this when I get a chance, placeholder" is pretty dumb.

Please do not do GP checks on an analysis where the OP hasn't implemented the GP check above you, unless you're "working on top of it." Instead, either stamp the check above you or contact the OP to implement the check. Just ignoring checks above you is pretty dumb.

Notes for analysis writers:

All analysis writers, please keep the GP status of your analyses up-to-date. If you have implemented a check, post an update in the thread stating so. If you have left parts out intentionally, post an update stating so. If you have only implemented half of the check, post an update stating so. Also change the thread title. It is extremely confusing for GP team members when an analysis has not been updated. I will often look at a thread to see if it needs a check, only to be confused when I see bits of a previous check implemented, and other bits left out with no word from the OP.

Please don't change your analyses to the Copyediting tag with [GP 0/2] in the title until it is COMPLETELY WRITTEN AND READY FOR GP CHECKS. This is really annoying for GP members who think its ready to be checked. Just leave the tag as "Copyediting (QC 3/3)" or whatever. Thanks.


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Dream World:


Past Generations:

Fifth generation GP is now open! Note that this queue is for fifth generation only and that all past generation work will be handled through the old queue here. Please don't spam this thread with half-done analyses, and remember that GP has a ton of past generation work to do before they touch fifth generation. Only links to totally done work that needs only GP checks should be posted here so that I can add it to the queue if it's indeed ready.



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Went through the index and found all the OU analyses that are currently fully QC Approved and have only GP checks to go.

Ninetales (+2)
Starmie (+2)
Vaporeon (+2)
Jolteon (+2)
Zapdos (+2)
Quagsire (+2)
Swampert (+2)
Ludicolo (+2)
Staraptor (+2)
Garchomp (+2)
Hippowdon (+2)
Magnezone (+2)
Stoutland (Muurando) (+2)
Crustle (Iwaparesu) (+2)
Cofagrigus (Desukaan) (+1)
Sawsbuck (Mebukijika) (+1)
Klinklang (Gigigiaru) (+2)
Eelectross (Shibirudon) (+2)
Golurk (Goruugu) (+2)
Bouffalant (Baffuron) (+2)
Volcarona (Urugamosu) (+2)
Thundurus (Borutorosu) (+1)

The following *technically* are ready for GP checks, but they all have some sort of problem with them, such as vastly incorrect formatting, very little writing or lacking Team Options on a set. Since it's rather subjective, I leave it up to you to arbitrate which can be put on the queue and which need further work done.

Slowbro (+2)
Chansey (+2)
Xatu (+2)
Skarmory (+2)
Blaziken (+2)
Yanmega (+2)
Mamoswine (+2)
Samurott (Daikenki) (+2)
Conkeldurr (Roobushin) (+2)
Ok, I didn't add any from your subjective list because if you're questionable, I'm going to be. Furthermore, I also didn't add Ninetales because it also had formatting issues. Thanks for that list.
Attention all GP members and non-GP members alike:

All GP members are now authorized to stamp non-GP member checks if they think they are of good quality. These checks will count toward the required checks for the analysis/article.

Please keep this in mind, and hopefully it encourages a bit more participation! :)

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