Grand Slam VII - FINALS [Won by Pearl]

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feel like losing, but it's gonna be alright
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due to real life constraints on both sides, teddeh and i agreed on postponing this till next sunday. time tbd. my apologies for those of you who were looking forward to some big slam action to fulfill your weekends, but it do be like that sometimes :psynervous:


zion williamson
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Congrats to pearl for taking home the trophy and teddeh for making it as far as he did, both players played insanely well the entire tour and i would've been happy with either winning :]
Without beating around the bush, i am very disappointed with the series. I choked a 100% win in ubers because i didn't trust pokemon showdown percentages and then miscalced, then getting unlucky in NU - it could have been a completely different series because of it. Not gonna take anything away from Pearl though, he is a much deserved winner and probably put in 10x the effort i did.
Nevertheless, I never expected to make playoffs, let alone the finals of the playoffs after getting round 1'd in LC, RU and winning 1 game of Ubers... So naturally making it to playoffs, it was a bit of a shock my performances in NU and UU could carry me this far. Nevertheless, even during playoffs i played a grand total of 1 test game and simply couldn't put the time into building and testing, and for that i thank the group of players who got me this far. Hogg , Alpha Rabbit , M Dragon , Realistic Waters , Dundies , Arifeen , Sacri' , Bushtush, Manipulative, Gunner Rohan , Tricking and all of the Astrotias. You guys fed me teams, put up with my pickiness and ranting and boasting at times, so big thank you to you all, if it wasn't for you guys, i'd have been activity'd in round 1 of most of the opens.
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