Grand Slam VIII Playoffs - Finals [Won by Adaam]

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Very interesting Playoffs with some lowtiers vets, players on hot streaks and newcomers. Lax Charm was gonna be one of the highlight of these Playoffs for me and they're paired R1. Looking forward that series in particular.


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Lax vs Charmflash - This is a close ass series but I see lax taking it regardless.
UU - Lax - Hard to say because I think they're both solid but Lax brought some whack shit in the series he lost in open and still took it to 3 games iirc
RU - Charmflash - Again, hard to say but I think Charm might be slightly better at it and have slightly better support if he wants it
NU - Lax - Should dominantly be able to take this bar bs and matchup
PU - Lax - Not sure on Charm's ability to play this tier but again I know lax is decent at it and should be able to take it
LC - Lax - Watched some of his Lc series and he played pretty well every series i watched but this tier is whack so either way.

adaam vs Serene Grace - potential upset. I think this might come down to the ru and nu games since i think the others shouldn't be so close imo.
UU - Adaam - He won the open and I haven't seen him lose to anyone that isn't a UU main so I don't see him dropping this one.
RU - Serene Grace - Close game but if serene gets up to date with RU I think he takes it
NU - Adaam - Not sure if either play much NU but I see Adaam having more support
PU - Serene Grace - If I recall serene is quite good at PU and went decently far in the open so he should take this
LC - Serene Grace - Serene plays LC a lot and knowing a lot about this tier is a big advantage compared to others

Pohjis vs Accelgor - Pohjis is dominant in a lot of tiers, i can see accel taking a couple of games off him but i think pohjis wins the series
UU - Accelgor - UU main with a lot of support and I know hes a good player overall. should still be a close game but I think he should take this
RU - Pohjis - This should be close too I'm fairly sure Accel is a good RU player but I'd edge pohjis because hes a better player overall imo
NU - Pohjis - One of the best NU players around he should take this one comfortably
PU - Pohjis - Same as RU really but looking at the open stats Pohjis should be fine
LC - Pohjis - I think both are decent but again I'd edge Poojizz in every close matchup and I think he has a good grasp of LC

pak vs ht - Another potential upset? I think this is a super close series though and it should be good to watch
UU - Pak - This feels like a snake matchup because both are great but I think pak's a little better
RU - Ht - Think he could edge in this tier if he has some good support
NU - Pak - Just going off better player I don't think i've seen either person play NU
PU - Ht - went far in PU open and shown he is a good pu player, he should take this
LC - Ht -Think he knows more about the tier than pak and is a good player with some good LC support

kink vs corazan - pretty close series and i think it'll go to 5 tbh.
UU - Corazan - King UU is actually better at other tiers and Corazan is showing up in UU.
RU - Kink - King RU the snake player should be taking this one.
NU - Kink - Another tier kink is quite decent at and should be able to take
PU - Corazan - I'm not sure on how good kink's support is but I know cora has a lot of good player support if he wants it and should be able to take this
LC - Corazan - I don't think either play this tier much so im just going with cora from his support

santu vs Star - I don't think this should be all that close i think star is just better, if he tries he should win.
UU - Star - I think star is just a better player here if he brings good teams he should win
RU - Santu - Seems to be ok at RU I think he might take this but it could go either way
NU - Star - better player but again either way since im not sure on their skill in this tier
PU - Star - He won the open I don't see him dropping this
LC - Star - good at LC too iirc should be able to take this

Garay Oak vs xiri - I don't think this should be too close tbh Garay is a great player
UU - Garay Oak - Xiri is ok at uu but I think Garay is just a better player overall
RU - Garay Oak - see above
NU - Garay Oak - Shouldn't have trouble in NU vs xiri
PU - Xiri - I only see Xiri taking PU confidently and even thats in debate but I know its his main so I will edge him
LC - Garay Oak - This could go either way but edging Garay as hes better.

Teddeh vs Eternally - super close series possibly my HL but I want and think Teddeh can edge a win.
UU - Teddeh - I think both are great players overall so this could come down to matchup but I think teddeh can edge it
RU - Eternally - I think eternally might be better at RU and should be able to take this one
NU - Eternally - This one should be a more comfortable win for eternally i would think
PU - Teddeh - This one should be teddeh's comfortable win
LC - Teddeh - Should be close and i cant use open stats to say anything since Teddeh didn't compete. But I'm sure he's compitent enough to take it


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1. lax [uu/nu/lc] vs. 16. Charmflash [ru]

pretty banger mu right off the top. both have had some great tournament runs so seeing them paired this early is pretty nice for the spectators. lax has been dominant across multiple tiers in the past year or so, so finding him in the number 1 seed isnt all too surprising. charm on the other hand did the full pl circuit this past year and picked up good records in most of the lower tier tours. im not sure who would be favored in pu here since ive never seen either of them play it, or just dont rmbr it. uu is going to be the closest game imo, both players have become very comfortable playing it recently, and that should lead to a fairly exciting game. charm made uupl finals and played in the tiebreak with his team, after building for himself for a majority of it iirc. lax on the other hand hasnt played a ton of uu on smogon itself, but he has played it a lot in other forum tours with his own teams. overall this is a great mu, but i think lax just has the edge bc of how dominant hes been.​

2. Adaam [uu/ru/nu] vs. 15. Serene Grace [lc/pu]

dont rlly know a ton about either of these players so just mainly going with adaam since he did better all around. he should have a fairly large edge in uu/ru/nu just bc of his open win+general tier knowledge in the others. serene does have an edge in lc/pu though since im fairly sure hes mained lc for a while now, and i think he did well in pu open.​

3. Pohjis [ru/nu/lc/pu] vs. 14. Accelgor [uu]

love both of these guys, so glad to see another fun matchup in round 1. while pohjis may be 2 much of a pussy to join snake, it doesnt retract from the fact hes dominated the lower tier circuit for a while now. maybe next to finch in tournament games played during the past year, pohjis knows all these tiers well. making just about every circuit ribbon tour playoffs last year (and probably on good pace to do the same this year?), nobody has done as well as him when it comes to these circuits. inches away from making nu open finals three times in a row, every open for generation 7 in fact. accel should be favored in uu however, as hes held the fort down in that tier for a while now. overall this should be another fun series.​

4. Pak [uu/ru/nu] vs. 13. HT [pu/lc]

aside from the most recent spl, paks been on a great run that is culminating in these slam playoffs. dominating uu in spl9 and snake, he should easily be favored over HT in uu/ru/nu just bc of him being generally a better player+tier knowledge is about even from what ive seen. ht is given a little bit of an edge in pu/lc just bc hes had deeper runs in both of those tours+seems to have the tier knowledge in both of them. overall i think i favor pak a lot more, as his edges in tiers he knows are a lot greater, and he should be able to make up any ground that ht has just bc of his overall playing abilitiy.​

5. Kink [ru] vs. 12. Corazan [uu]

kind of a hard series to predict for me since i dont rlly know much about either player in lower tiers. kink should be favored in ru just bc hes done well in opens + is starting it in snake, while cora is doing a similar thing in uu. aside from that its just going to come down to team choice + playing ability, and as ive seen a lot more from cora, id have to give him an edge in both of those fields.​

6. Santu [uu] vs. 11. Star [ru/nu/pu/lc]

this series isnt as one sided as the predict shows, since i think santus shown he can take down some big names in tours like this while being a fairly heavy underdog. but just looking at it on paper, star has done much better in just about every tier but uu recently. during his tourban this man played a ton of ladder games in just about every meta, while helping support a lot of these tiers in tours like snake and spl. i think just bc hes gonna have a ton of support and he has more tier knowledge in a lot of these, its hard not to see him as the favorite in a majority of these games. would not be surprised to see santu pull off the win here as he is the higher seed though.​

7. Garay oak [uu/ru/nu] vs. 10. Xiri [pu]

similar to other players in these playoffs, garays also been having a good run recently in lower tiers. while he did focus mainly on ubers, and a little bit of nu, before last snake he still did keep up with other lower tiers. xiri on the other hand was a fairly unknown name to most of the community prior to this slam/snake. known for mostly being a pu player, surprisingly he made it just off of uu/ru which does show he shouldnt be counted out in this series. even with that, i still think its hard to favor him outside of pu, since i think garays the better player and he doesnt have the tier knowledge edge needed in other tiers to overcome that i dont think.​

8. Teddeh vs. 9. Eternally

rooting for eternally to win it all, but overall would be happy to see quite a few names take it since there are quite a few friends here n_n
1. lax vs. 16. Charmflash
2. Adaam vs. 15. Serene Grace
3. Pohjis vs. 14. Accelgor
4. Pak vs. 13. HT
5. Kink vs. 12. Corazan
6. Santu vs. 11. Star
7. Garay oak
vs. 10. Xiri
8. Teddeh vs. 9. Eternally
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