Grand Slam VIII Playoffs - Finals [Won by Adaam]

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lost ggs lax, it would simply be amazing to see you with 3 trophies you owned the competition a lot this year but be carefull Adaam didnt make this far for nothing and it will surely be a great finals.

Im writing this because its just impossible for me to not thanks those who helped me, its mandatory as I wouldn't have made this far without you guys.
Tricking Riccio Lopunny Kicks thanks you guys so much for carrying my UU open run with your teams and the whole filo gang in general, ty guys ily fr.
Charmflash ur crazyyyyyy, I really enjoy our UU building sessions, those are always fun, thanks you so much for the RU teams.
Luthier I wont say ily bc ur gonna go crazy again but almost, thx a lot bruh.
ict 0NI thanks you guys a lot for covering my NU, Im a real fan of your teams and I enjoyed playing those a lot.
tlenit1 my man Im really sad I didnt have the opportunity to play your fire teams too much in playoffs, Im a real fan of your creativity, keep it up bro.
CCLM, TSS, Leviathans, Filo gang, the french community and Im an asshole bc Im probably forgetting some ppl/jerks as im too tired rn but thanks you guys so much for the support you showed throught my run :heart:.

I had a ton of fun in this tour playing those tiers esp in UU for example when I could use whatever I wanted and using some crackhead shit and having fun at the same time. It was my first appearance in the tour scene and it will probably be my last, Ive been saying 2-3 weeks ago in many friendly discords now that I'll disapear after the snake ends. Now that Ive seen how does it feels to play high level games with the snake/slam I do not want to play this anymore in the future, Im having fun yes, but its also way too much pressure to handle during the battle/prep and I hate that, I also planned to spend more time in the gen8 ingame in console as I think it will be amazing (+ily my irl atm). Will still continue to do my best with the Leviathans as Im really in love with this team, we'll do it guys, no worries ! :D


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For the first time ever in our official individual tournaments we see the #1 seed and the #2 seed facing off in the final!

The recently released tier shifts are not into effect for the final. For the spectators, the scheduled time for the final is Sunday 2 PM GMT -4. I'll edit this post should that change. Good luck to both players!


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since when we faced long time ago into the ADV tour your long-term planning skills impressed me so much.
This is your year lax, it would simply be amazing to see you with 3 trophies. you owned the competition and you deserve this more than anyone else. Good luck, beast


noooooo I miss you ima and blargh
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big shoutouts to gum Feliburn TDK trash Kushalos and snaga for all the support and help I received during my run

I hope this isn't interpreted as me trying to downplay adaam's win (I got fucked lmao), but I'd be lying if I said I was fully invested into prepping and playing my best this tournament. most of the time, I ended up relying on everybody above to hand me teams last minute, and it worked out early on. I'll take the haha reacts, but I don't find myself that invested into smogon or pokemon as of late.

big congrats to Adaam you've earned the trophy

I'm gonna finish up managing snake then gonna dip, maybe returning if gen 8 is appealing. Seriously, thanks to every single person who's supported me or helped me in this past year, it's been a crazy ride. You guys are the reason I still found myself playing this game.

ggs everyone
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