Grand Slam VIII Playoffs - Finals [Won by Adaam]

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Friday again Garfie
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Won the finals game, ggs :D. I had a blast in my run playing other tiers besides UU (except LC that tier is wack). Kudos to all my opponents along the way, everyone was extremely tough and could have taken it all the way themselves. I wouldn't have made it this far at all without support from a bunch of people, so here goes nothing...

RU - Kink, Feliburn, HarrisIsAwesome, especially Feliburn for the team dump throughout open that I spammed. Y'all are RU gods
NU - yeezyknows Jarii even though I played like absolute buns in the actual NU open, yeezy in particular you carried me in playoffs with those fire NU teams
PU - Taskr HJAD TJ Every team I used from you guys felt really smooth, I never had a PU game I thought I was fucked at preview.
LC- Luthier and Osh I would be winless in this tier without your teams lmao thanks a bunch for some fire techs

As for UU, there's a bunch of boys I wanna shoutout, too many even that I won't even bother. The Barclay boys deserve a special mention, best server hands down. itsjustdrew also thanks for the gassing up since the round of 16, you're a real one :heart:

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Congratulations Adaam. Back to back years a UU main brought the slam trophy home where it belongs. The UU community is definitely proud of you my guy. :]

lax, I know this isn’t the end. I hope to see you next year with the slam pixel next to your name my guy. You had one of the most dominant year I’ve had ever seen. Truly inspiring.
Congrats Adaam, you've had an impressive year all around and there's no better way to top it off, so enjoy it.

And to lax, despite this specific outcome I have to give major props for the absurdly dominant year up to this point, and you should be proud as well.
obligatory welcome to the club post that i promised i would make some weeks ago :psyglad:. already chatted with you a bit in private and the feeling remains: watching your evolution as a player has been satisfying, and the fact that the trophy stays in the uu community for 1 more year feels oddly gratifying to me on top of that. u played a very dominating series in finals, congratulations! that trophy looks sexy on your profile

big heads up to lax on top of that: at the end of the day, i think the trophy would have looked amazing on you as well, and i'll tell u the same thing i said about teddeh in my post last year: a finals loss should not take away the dominant year you've had all around, and so i hope that you find the passion (no pun intended) to stand up again. however, if this does not happen, i wish you the best of luck with wherever life has in store for you. thank you for everything, champ
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