Gravity Monkey's greek pasta restaurant but instead of food or a building its just art on a smogon thread

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EDIT: yo this post is old!!! lol!!! check the latest posts to see stuff more representative of what i do now

Hey! I'm drawing stuff. I don't say it's good, but I'll post things here because why not.


Some fakemon artworks I did for a fangame that finally never came up.

A banner for BH.


There is other works that I'll post later
Azuninja art (Fusion Evolution) (Note that this art doesn't match with the sprite)

Fire bug

Fire cocoon

Nightmare fire bug

Sand dweller a.k.a. Dead pony
A fireball. I n c r e d i b l e.

My final submission for CAP 24

Sprites for Lucharma, a Fusion Evolution.

I'll update.
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Hey we're in may now!

I'm adding two little fakemons I did for a contest. There are links to hasterbins with movepool and a strategic analysis, but... they are in french. Anyway, I hope you like those!

Name: Eskimoth
Typing: Bug / Ice
Abilities: Truant / Dust Shield / HA: Fur Coat
Stats: 85 HP / 11 Atk / 33 Def / 11 SpA / 35 SpD / 15 Spe (BST: 190)
Movepool (in french)
Analysis (in french)

Name: Gorilloud
Typing: Fight / Electric
Abilities: Soundproof / Oblivious / HA: Galvanize
Stats: 103 HP / 92 Atk / 112 Def / 113 SpA / 70 SpD / 65 Spe (BST: 555)
Movepool + Analysis (in french)
Holy crap, those are amazing! You're right, me and Pika did make these with the help of some other people. I hope you continue to make these based on our fakemon! (Maybe Tectowary line?) Again, these are really good!

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Holy crap, those are amazing! You're right, me and Pika did make these with the help of some other people. I hope you continue to make these based on our fakemon! (Maybe Tectowary line?) Again, these are really good!
Thanks :D
Tectowary and Quakea are indeed the next ones on my list!
Here are three fakemons that were created by some people (Brodaha and Pika Xreme I think (sorry for mentioning you guys)) on the dragonheaven server, and I wanted to make desings for them. I'll probably post some more in the future.
Wonderful. Boxill is super adorable, and Stomarate looks ready to kick some serious ass. The only thing is that Mantill's patches of blue and outward facing tip of face thing are slightly incongruent with the rest of the line, but that's, again, the only criticism can remotely draw, and even then it's super minor. I very much look forward to seeing more of your work!

I have no idea why you apologized for mentioning me, because I am xremely grateful I got to see that.

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Reviving! Here's a bunch of stuff I have done since last year

Those were for a Fakedex project and were posted on my deviantart, I started it way before the sword and shields leaks so that explains the snow moth family

Those were done for contest/outside of my dex project

Those four are the most recent ones, did them for the Complete Pokedex Project pet mod. I didn't want to take forever to make them so that's why they look so sketchy, but tbh I like that sort of style


First page of a comic im working on, though the rest isn't that good looking since now I kinda have to rush it


Trademarked banner. I would take more workshop requests but I'm too slow and lose motivation easily lol

My other drawings are either not polished enough or too large and I'm too lazy to go compress stuff.
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This big boi is a Water/Grass type pseudo-legendary ala Volcarona that evolves from Calamaki (wip). Its signature ability, Itamae, works as a Harvest clone for Sushis, a new type of item that kinda works like berries, and rain. It also has Thick Fat. I kinda wanted it to work like Ludicolo from Clean Slate micro, so as a 3-move tank that can soak up damage well and have cool coverage to hit in return.

(btw thanks Sunfished for the name)

If it interests anyone, ill have finished my comic probably somewhere next week, so stay tuned! That's it for now, have a nice day reader

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Ice good (and bad) bois. They don't even have names yet lol. Not much to say except they are early routers.

Regional Fighting/Steel Seal and it's evo, Gladiatusk. They have Thick Fat, Battle Armor, and the signature ability Iron Braces which gives them a boost in attack for each boost in defence they receive (but also a decrease in speed).

Early sketches for regional Drifblim and evo, Liftwaffe. They are both Ghost/Steel.

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