NOC Greek Mythology Mafia [GAME OVER: SCUM WIN]

Metal Sonic

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Greek Mythology Mafia
Host: Metal Sonic
Co-host: Da Letter El

This game is explicitly 10 town : 3 scum
Playerlist (13/13):
Texas Cloverleaf
MoodyCloud warren42
Former Hope
DaveDob Josh


Living Players
MoodyCloud warren42
DaveDob Josh

Dead Players
XnadrojX, Dionysus, Vanilla Townie, was lynched Day 1.
Texas Cloverleaf, Hephaestus, Invention Giver, was killed Night 1.
3P1K, Zeus, 1 Shot Vig, was lynched Day 2.
Empoof, Hecate, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 2.
Former Hope, Hades, Mafia 2 Shot Hooker, was lynched Day 3.
Itzviper482, Athena, 1 Shot Cop, was killed Night 3.
CaffeineBoost, Poseidon, Vanilla Townie, was lynched Day 4.

Dear <Player>,

You are <God>!

You are a Vanilla Townie! Your vote is your weapon!

You are aligned with the Good Gods. You win when the Bad Gods are eliminated from the game.
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Metal Sonic

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Rules and Setup Information
1. All standard NOC mafia rules apply. This includes no editing posts, no contacting players outside the game (unless given explicit permission to do so), no quoting your Role PMs, no cryptography, no timestamp comparison/extreme host angleshooting, et cetera.
2. This game is created using Metal Sonic™ mafia industrial-standard setup balance protocols. This ensures that:
2a: Flavor is not indicative of alignment. You cannot infer a player's alignment from the flavor they claim, don't try.
2b: All Role PMs and other variables are randomized using a standard pseudo-random number generator, ensuring fairness.
2c: Other setup safeguards to ensure that the setup is balanced and fair. No team will have any advantage (setup-wise) over the other.
3. The game contains 13 players. There are 3 scum and 10 town.
4. The moderator who approved this game and also as a result my beloved co-host is Da Letter El. He will be handling flips and deadlines in the event that I am unable to come online at deadline timings.
5. I reserve the right to force sub anybody from the game if I find their behavior to be unacceptable (e.g. extreme flaming, trolling, or very poor activity).
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Metal Sonic

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3P1K :)
apricity :)
Texas Cloverleaf :)
Hitmonleet :)
Blazade :)
MoodyCloud :)
Former Hope :)
Empoof :)
Asek :)
DaveDob :)
CaffeineBoost :)
ItzViper482 :)

:) indicates confirmed

All role PMs have been distributed. Please confirm in-thread or by replying to your role PM. When you do so, please vote for whether you want deadlines to be 3 day / 1 night OR 4 day / 1 night. This deadline will persist throughout the game.

Once all players have confirmed, the game will begin. If any player fails to pick up their role PM within 24 hours, they will be replaced.

This game starts on Day 1.
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Godtier/n0 peek
Empoof - good discussion building, strikingly handsome. Feels like he's pocketing me but I'm going to let it happen. Probably deserves the win

Lean town:
Asek - more of a quiet playstyle but I can tell he's building his analysis about the game. Not sure if he believe what he says so far, but the process is good.

Davedob - probably doesn't even know the game's started. His job has definitely taken away from his usual consistent posting but he feels okay.

Lean scum:
Hitmonleet - if you saw him in Islands he was much more active there, posted once a day and when he talked about people he had a good grasp of the game.

VOTE: Hitmonleet

Seems like a good place to start

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