Tournaments GSC Grand Slam II - GSC NU Open - Round 4 at post #65 (Won by MrSoup)


We've got to get in to get out
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Round 1 Matchups are now live !!

el poeta  vs  dawnbuster
Real FV13  vs  Mcthelegit
SANKE CARP  vs  MrSoup
LustfulLice  vs  Zcarlett
DiannieRatson  vs  FeraSaur
plznostep  vs  JonAmon 25
Oathkeeper  vs  Ranshiin
BeeOrSomething  vs  sleid
Leeto64  vs  TheBlazingArcanine
BigFatMantis  vs  Medeia
Big Thicc Blissey  vs  Planet
SOMALIA  vs  feen
BloodAce  vs  Estarossa
Volk  vs  Alice Kazumi
Bored713  vs  Rubyblood
juoean  vs  zben

You have until Sunday, 11:59 PM GMT-5 to play !​
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Volk I cant contact you. I'm gmt +1 and I'm free Tuesday night, Wednesday and Friday most of the day except for night and Thursday most of the day except for morning. I doubt I can play this weekend

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