Tournaments GSC Grand Slam II - GSC PU Open - Round 5 REPLAYS REQUIRED

Good luck to all competitors.
Here is round 1:

BeeOrSomething  vs  Estarossa
Medeia  vs  LustfulLice (please consider changing the name tag. It's gross)
BigFatMantis  vs  mkizzy
torkonpeter  vs  Sassafras123
EllingtonReborn  vs  sleid
JonAmon 25  vs  matherumaderu
gastlies  vs  Zpice
vani  vs  chuggachuggachooo
Hitmonstars  vs  dawnbuster
Banbadoro  vs  MrSoup
SANKE CARP  vs  plznostep
BloodAce  vs  Real FV13
Gamer1234556  vs  Cawil Maxamad
Teh  vs  Bye 1
feen  vs  Bye 2
Rubyblood  vs  Bye 3
missangelic  vs  Bye 4
Parmadillo  vs  Bye 5
Alice Kazumi  vs  Bye 6
DiannieRatson  vs  Bye 7
Aurist  vs  Bye 8
zben  vs  Bye 9
Bag of Trixx  vs  Bye 10
Oathkeeper  vs  Bye 11


You can now challenge someone to Gen2 PU on Pokemon Showdown NEW

Deadline for matches is Sunday 11.59 pm gmt-4

Subs are open until Wednesday
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can i call act my oponent still hasnt responded and his only messages in smogon are signing up for gsc zu and pu and then literaly giving up round 1 in zu "to save his oponent the time to beat him"

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