Tournaments GSC Homefield Advantage Tournament [from Ubers to ZU] (won by Mr.378)

Fluore BT89
Normally past the deadline to request an extension. However, seeing as there was a minor inconvenience caused by me with your pairings I can only give you 24 hours past the deadline.
Deadline is Monday 13th June 11.59pm gmt-5
Request Extension Deadline is Saturday 11th June 11.59pm gmt+2 (that's my timezone). Any other request I won't consider because at the end of the day nobody gets eliminated.
vs JonAmon25. No signs of life whatsoever.
TeamCharm vs Opelucid was given win
Fluore vs BT89 missed schedule before and after extension

Coin flip due to both players failing to provide me with replays by the deadline, presumably not having played the game
Mercupty vs Useless Uses
Round 3

Mr.378 vs Siatam
F1shingRod vs vani
holly vs Descending
Celebiii vs Mercupty

Colteor vs cherryb0ng
Porydonk vs Estarossa
vs Ashbala
TLTK vs Mr.Bossaru
Opelucid vs Agentkeval
Fluore vs Blaine500
vs Useless Uses

JonAmon 25 BeeOrSomething vs DiannieRatson
Neko vs BT89
RealJester vs Snak
TeamCharm vs melancholy0

Due to my stupidity in allowing the rounds to proceed after granting extensions hoping that I would be able to amend any errors in the pairings there have been some noticeable delays. This is because Challonge doesn't allow me to fix any scores and proceeds with pairings that aren't true (seriously how is there no feature that allows fixing this without requiring me to start over?).

Anyways I think that I made pairings that are consistent with scorings as well as it being consistent with what the bracket maker would do if it had only known the correct scores from round 1. The bottom line is that if you ever host a swiss format do not grant extensions.

There will be no more extensions from the following rounds. However, seen as I have made many mistakes and it's not anybody's fault. For this week only, the round 3 will be longer for everyone (read this thing above to see why). Deadline is Friday 24th of June 11.59 pm gmt-5
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