GSC NU Tournament - Round 1


pocket monsta
Worm I’m in a bad place. I will fight you one of these days and I will Lose. These golbats you’re backing tho goddam. You’re almost too good youre cheating. For the good of dmogon I offfer a $100 prize for this. Do it for worm or read above eo better sub in scrub


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Well raseri missed our scheduled time Friday and said he forgot. I said I couldn’t play on the weekend but that he could ask for extension. Figured it was the least I could offer since I had to reschedule our first scheduled time. Haven’t gotten a response. Idrc what you decide to do, but that’s our situation.


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Raseri vs taranteeeno - Raseri missed time but requested an extension.
Sceptross vs refsunpersons - This match had a substitute, extension granted.
DurzaOffTopic vs Sergi - This match had a substitute, extension granted.

Activity calls
Alfredo_Rivero vs Ismail - Alfredo_Rivero responded very late and then never responded again to Ismail's scheduling attempts.
jcbc vs Bughouse - jcbc appears to have missed the scheduled time, then logged on later and did not post in the thread requesting an extension or reply to Bughouse.

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