GSC GSC OU Global Championship 2020: Round 1

my other opponent and i were originally going to play same day the bracket went up or friday, but they didn't show up and stopped responding (they started dming instead of responding to their wall originally :psyduck:)
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Kazt has been subbed in for LLiama, Kazt's new opponents are ziloXX and Sagiri
MikeTheEntei has been subbed in for ron...5, MikeTheEntei's new opponents are MegaLucario and Endill

24 Hour Warning (for these players, please show me evidence of your scheduling within 24 hours or risk being subbed out):
Huston Marshall.Law THEBILLDOZER iKiQ Eternal Spirit Roman Reigns PDC Forsendi Wamr Yves Stone Indulge in dreams Astrologistic style Staraptor Oibaf Sagiri StepC BIHI CentaurMM6 Wigglytuff

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