GSC GSC OU Global Championships 2019 [$50 Prize] —︎ Round 1

[03:23:02] Whydon: honestly take the win, i dont want to keep wasting your time
[03:23:14] Whydon: i wont be available this upcoming week anyway
Activity Win

Set 1
byronthewellwell vs Staxi
badabing vs Ricardo
vs Louna
jcbc vs Mindnight
Minougarou vs Alastor Law
vs OminousDraco
Action Game vs StepC
Quartosa vs Yoshi
vs Alfredo_Rivero

Set 2
Shoka vs badabing
false vs Bravo_1000
Alfredo_Rivero vs peplu
Action Game vs Finchinator
vs M Rodrigues

Coin flips

Set 1
Le Sabreur vs Alexander.

Set 2
cb aaron judge vs Alexander.
azogue vs teal6
LeoShakur vs le LLiolae


Stage 1 as soon as possible
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These are players to next round

Stage 2

teal6 (1-2) cb aaron judge
hellpowna ( - ) Staxi
(2-0) MetalGro$$
Raichy vs Flares.
TDK vs Shoka
byronthewellwell vs Frrf
dom vs Minougarou
Mindnight vs Djokra
OminousDraco vs le LLiolae
Ricardo vs Rokhan
GotCookies vs Souf
Rodriblutar (0-2) Pohjis
(2-1) Whydon
Alkione vs Hijasu
iKiQ ( - ) Diophantine
(forfeit) Fantos13
false vs azogue
Yoshi (forfeit) StepC

Round 1 - Stage 2 deadline: February 17th 06:00PM EST / 00:00 AM CET
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So it goes.
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I hate to do this vs a friend but since Mindnight seems to be not responding to my VMs I think I'll have to call act :/

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