GSC GSC OU Winter Seasonal #1: Round 1

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act my opponent didnt show up during schedule and hasnt replied to me in a while. I have exams and will be incredibly busy for the rest of the week


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You have until 5 PM EDT/UTC-4 Wednesday, October 31 (24 hours from the time this is posted) to show me and/or put on VM wall your full scheduling (including responses from opponent, if existent), or you are liable to being substituted out.
I'lll try to play before I have to go to work tomorrow, other than that I think I have a decent case for activity here
Neither OmniousDraco nor Akashi have VM'd each other to schedule or shown me scheduling elsewhere, and were warned that not doing so would result in them being substituted out. Thus, they will both be substituted out. The replacement match-up is Regrets v. SanJl.
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Calling activity on Bansa. Haven't heard from them in over a week, although their profile shows they have been online. Since my last suggestion, they haven't made any scheduling attempts.
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