GSC GSC OU Winter Seasonal #3: Round 1

Opponent hasn't responded to my schedule request, also hasn't logged on in 10 days
Edit: they're not going to be available so they're giving me the win, if there's a sub available I'll play them
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Hi! Requesting an activity win (or an extension, but odds are that it would end up the same given our VM history & his "last seen" date) against charzard14 since he has been pretty unresponsive over the two weeks we had to get the series done.
given wins:
Pkonob31 vs eternal ocean
SpacialRendevous vs RealJester

activity decisions:
abd1710 vs OmenKid
avarice vs Diophantine
Chiles Habaneros vs kalifguest22
ClaudioINK58 vs JalapenoSteve
Drud vs Lipitcho
Egor vs AmyQuaris
Mister Tim vs Auge
Quaggster vs Thildema
Raichy vs Akola
No man's hax vs Roxiee
iKiQ vs Rubyblood
vs I'm hate hats
Teclis vs charzard14


gorgie vs SOMALIA
Oxi vs Mr.Bossaru
vs Nikephore
Attack on Samurott vs Estarossa
mummy vs thegarbodr

Nalorium vs BlazingDark

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