Gen 2 GSC Smogcast - October 7th @ 12 PM (GMT -4)


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Hello everyone, we have decided to stream a GSC Smogcast this Saturday at 12 PM/noon Eastern time.

The participants are as follows: myself, Borat, Jorgen, -Tsunami-, BKC, Floppy, Isa, Bedschibaer, choolio, and sulcata. We will be talking about all things related to GSC, including the current state of the metagame, its past and future, tournament representation, potential banlist changes, and much more.

This is probably the largest and most respected group of GSC players from multiple eras in one cast that Smogon will ever see, discussing solely GSC-related topics, so we might as well make the most of it. Post in this thread with your question(s) for the panel. If your question is selected, we'll feature it on the stream and answer it to the best of our abilities. We will also take some questions from Twitch chat during the stream, if time allows.

1. All questions must be about GSC
2. Questions may not be directed at a particular member of the panel
3. Make your words count - a single good question will get picked over 50 mediocre ones

We hope you'll tune in at noon on Saturday!
how important are spikes in a meta where you only get 1 layer?
why do some people think gsc is the ultimate test of skill?
why is toxic 50% accurate, while dynamic punch is 100% accurate?
pikachu is the best electric
unfix bugged sleep turns y/n
most "broken" mons?

editing in more serious talking points:
sleep trapping (and variations thereof)
hp legends, celebi, ho-oh, etc
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whys gsc the best?

thoughts on freeze clause wich fear proposed some time ago, or freezes in general?


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looks awesome, guys :]

do you think it's possible to make a truly competitive ou team without lax (i.e., one that isn't improved by replacing something with lax)? do any examples of successful laxless teams come to mind?
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What is the most effective playstyle currently in your opinion ?

Thoughts on GSC BL ? At first sight, such a tier seems fairly balanced.


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What in-between tiers (banning 1 or multiple Pokemon from a traditional tier to create a new tier) would you be interested in exploring?

What are the differences between Stadium 2 and PS’s Gen 2 mechanics?

Looking at the on-site OU and BL lists, what Pokemon would you swap over or drop to UU?

What GSC tournament match victory are you most proud of?

How concerned are you about the level of competitive interest of GSC compared to the other generations? Should an alternative set of rules or set of tiers be created to specifically attract younger, newer generation players?


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favorite sprites? how about fav cries - steelix needs its classic cry back on ps! imo

honestly gsc is kind of a weird game that has a lot of foibles and few players, I kinda like the sitch where it's just in a couple team tourneys to keep generational completeness tbf. fite me


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ohey you got shit done, on awfully short notice considering I haven't check this forum in weeks :mad: guess I'll check the video later though

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