GSC: TM chain breeding?

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Hello everybody,

I honestly don't know if this is the right sub-forum to ask this question. But since I can't find any online source that can confirm this, I figured I would ask here.

So.....Can you chain-breed TM moves in GSC?
I currently have a Ampharos that knows Rest + Sleeptalk and would like my Heracross to know these moves as well. Unfortunately these two aren't in the same Egg-group, but could I pass them on via chain breeding?

According to Serebii a chain like: Ampharos -> Meganium -> Parasect -> Heracross should be possible, but I'm not sure if it would work, since Ampharos is actually the only pokemon in this chain that learned those moves via TM.

And again, im terribly sorry if this is the wrong forum to answer this.


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hello and welcome to the wifi section! i believe this is the thread youre looking for. to answer your question, heracross can learn rest and sleep talk via tm. so you wouldnt need to go through all of that work. unless you mean youve already used the tms on ampharos. in which case i beleive the answer is no, since heracross cannot learn those as egg moves. not entirely sure though.
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thanks for the welcome^^

Well, for some background: My and a handfull of friends are currently playing all the old(er) generations and hold a small tournament after every playthrough with some special regulations. No ubers, no legends, no snorlax and 3 OUs at max. Since we do this on the actual gameboy versions, having a viable moveset on all your mons can be a bit tricky, thus my oddly specific question (since I want 2 sleeptalkers).
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