GSC Ubers Tournament - Finals [Won by Earthworm]


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I won 2-0 vs Flares., ggs

I shamelessly stole the game two team from Conflict who I played the round before:

vs ara (R2):

vs Excal (R1):

Going to attempt to gather all the replays for usage stats purposes:

Other Semifinal
Flares. v Watchog

Other R2 games
Conflict v M Dragon

Watchog v Descending

Flares. v Holy Ghost was activity

Other R1 games
Raseri v M Dragon

Descending v Beelzemon 2003

zf v ara was activity

Kaisser v Conflict

absdaddy v Holy Ghost

Watchog v alive

Flares. v Mr.378

Thanks for playing everyone! Hopefully we'll see more GSC Ubers gameplay in future. I'll post the usage stats in the RoA thread once I get the last few replays.
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