GSC UU Ladder Tour - Cycle 3

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Welcome to the (unofficial) 2020 GSC UnderUsed Ladder Tournament! The Ladder for it is under RoA Spotlight and the rules are simple, you have to ladder and qualify to enter the playoffs which is a 16-man seeded Bo3 single elimination tournament that will crown a winner!

To further explain the tournament, let's take a look at the separate stages.

Stage One

During this stage, everyone wishing to participate will sign up with a fresh alt starting with the week's given tag. Similarly to previous editions, your rank will reset every week and you will be asked to sign up with a new alt. In this actual laddering portion of the tournament, players will fight on the Gen 2 UU ladder, trying to claim a spot in the top 4. Those who manage to claim one of the spots will be part of the playoffs phase. The winner of each week will be seeded in the top four, sorted by ELO whereas everyone else will be assigned a seed from 5 to 16 depending on which ELO they finished with. The #5 and #6 of each week will be used as potential substitutes, should they be needed, and the order of substitutes is also determined by ELO. Both qualifying players and substitutes may, of course, play again during the next week, as they can potentially improve their seed or directly qualify.

If I find out you used an already registered alt, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

To get this out of the way, the deadline will be on the Sundays of January at 06:00 PM GMT+0.

Stage Two

This part is fairly straight-forward. During this stage, the top 16 will face off in a single elimination, Best-of-3 GSC UU bracket. The initial pairings will be based on seed, with the #1 seed facing the #16 seed, #2 facing #15 and so on.

If you wish to participate, sign up in this thread on a fresh alt starting with the tag GSCLT3 (e.g. GSCLT3 Mygrein). The laddering period starts now.

The deadline for week 3 is Sunday, January 24th, at 06:00 PM GMT+0. The laddering period starts now.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Have fun laddering, everyone!

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