Tournament GSC UU Tournament (Won by PokeTCG gamer1288)

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Standard GSC UU Tournament

The second generation of Pokemon had some interesting mechanics compared to its later iterations. Between abilities not yet existing, Spike only being single layer, Rest working when called upon by Sleep Talk, and many more, GSC plays vastly differently from all of its successors, but is also an entirely different world from RBY.

GSC OU is, of course, the prevalent second generation tier being played, centralized around Snorlax and featuring Pokemon such as Raikou, Zapdos, Steelix, Exeggutor, Cloyster and many more. This tour, however, will see none of these Pokemon. It will be GSC UU, as it was played in DerDomme Cup before.

Specific Rules:
  • This tournament will be single elimination.
  • Players will play a best of three series each round.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  • Matches will be played under the [Gen2] UU format. Many thanks to The Immortal for implementing this.
  • All Pokemon in Gen2's Ubers, OU and BL are banned. The current GSC UU tier list can be found here.
Standard Rules and Clauses:
  • Sleep Clause: A player cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two of the same Pokémon on their team. For example, a player cannot have two Koffing on his or her team.
  • Evasion Clause: A player cannot use the moves Double Team or Minimize in their Pokémon's movesets.
  • OHKO Clause: Players cannot use Horn Drill, Guillotine, or Fissure in any of their Pokémon's movesets.
  • Timer Clause: If a player exhausts the timer, he/she loses.

GSC UU discussion thread:
Sample teams by Earthworm:
Introduction to Status in GSC:


PokeTCG gamer1288 vs Plas

There is no deadline for finals. Get it done whenever you can, and don't forget to post replays!
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