GSC UUBL Tournament #3 - Won by BeeOrSomething


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calling act on Gigalodon, I have been waiting for 30 minutes since our appointment and I am not gonna be available for the rest of the weekend to reschedule. Proof is on their wall
I'm very sorry about this but I didn't receive a notification for my round 2 matchup for some reason. Is it possible for me to get a last minute extension? Contacting Ouroboro rn in case the organizers let me have an extension.
Week 2 Matchups

Winners' Bracket

skippergamez vs SpaceSpeakers
gabraltar vs LilTic (already completed)
AV11 vs sparks bloom
zben vs E6R (already completed)
SOMALIA vs Mr.378
Concept Everything vs melancholy0 (already completed)
BigFatMantis vs Corperate n
Mystras vs Gigalodon
BeeOrSomething vs MrSoup
pokemonisfun vs Surfy (already completed)
Liz Angeles vs kaori
KingOfTheZoogers vs Nineveh (already completed)
corvere vs For 4LOM
TyCarter vs Estarossa (already completed)
Ouroboro vs Ryan5374
Mr.Bossaru vs Celebiii (already completed)

To be clear, if you have already completed your game as indicated here, there's no need to do anything this week.

You can view the bracket for this tournament here:

Good luck and have fun everyone! Remember, replays are mandatory! You have until Sunday, May 21st @ 11:59PM GMT-4 to play your games.
sorry but calling act, Arranged a time with opponent and hasn't showed up. Also have no availability on weekend.


screw my gf, FNH just proposed <333
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won in 2 vs mrsoup ggs

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MrSoup wanted me to make a funny win post and after he said his career was over I asked what pokemon he wanted on his grave and he replied with Muk, so here it is
i appreciate the post and i think we should make the teams i made in 3 minutes after messaging bee to play rn should be samples, theyre really good trust me i only lost due to robbery

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